Caturday with Elli Ingram

Haylee Campbell

Fresh from experimenting with her unique sound and crafting her debut album, today Elli Ingramreleases the soulful Better Alone, the second offering to come from her much anticipated forthcoming debut album. We speak to her about empowering women, bold fashion and her hometown Brighton as well as get to listen to some of her favourite tracks she put together for our Caturday playlist.

Your music and image are vibrant, cheeky and raw,  how did Brighton influence your professional, and personal identity? Why, thank you! Brighton is a very laid-back town. You can express yourself however you like and no one is even going to bat an eyelid. Growing up here meant I could be who I wanted.
You like to be fully involved in the music videos and shows, from conception to execution, what inspires this distinct visual style? I’ve always loved standing out. It’s a compliment if they stare. They don’t recognise what they see, because it’s different! A music video is just another opportunity for me to be creative and I love it. I always want my visuals to pack a punch and it’s even more amazing when I get to work with a director or anyone who’s looking to do the same thing.
Likewise with your fashion taste! If you had to pick, would you choose designer or vintage? Vintage designer!
How did your first two records make you grow into the artist you are now? They made me believe in myself a little bit more I guess. Proved to myself not only can I sing alright, but I can write songs too. My confidence is growing and I’m so glad I had those two EPs to gradually grow myself.
Amy Winehouse was a great musical influence of yours, how do other successful women inspire you? How important have they been in influencing you? Seeing a woman say ‘no’, a woman who knows what she wants and how to get it is what inspires me! A lady with bigger balls than any geezer next to her is some empowering shit.
Your mum and dad also had an important role in finding your voice, what about the cats that you grew up with? The gang inspired me everyday. Beautiful, the lot of ’em. They are always by my side spurring me on and picking me up when I’m down.
What do you do on a normal day off? Sit on the sofa and watch Come Dine with Me.
When it Was Dark’ is very moving, will there be more of this on the next album, or did you, like you sing in the song, find yourself after all? Maybe I did find myself. I don’t question myself much on the album, I question the people around me.
You’re teasing us with a new album on your social media! Can you tell us about it in three words? Ohh.. I think I’ll just carry on teasing! 
Elli’s debut album, Love You Really is released on September 15th via Island Records.