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Design by Cats

When we heard that there is s a fashion label where the creative directors are a trio of cats we knew we would love it. We caught up with Choltida Pekanan of SUPERSWEET x moumi and proud mom of Moumi, Myogi and Kikilala to talk fashion, music and felines.

Can you please tell us about your cats, Moumi, Myogi and Kikilala?
They are all girls, Moumi is a blue Abyssinian and Myogi a Burmilla, they both came from Australia. Kikilala is the little one and she’s a Snowshoe and a proper show cat, she’s from New York. They are very international. I picked her up in LA and she came to live with me and we’re all a family now.

You say the brand is inspired by your cats’ different personalities, can you tell us what they are?
Moumi is the boss, she’s my boss also. She is the first and oldest one, she’s really tough and wild. She didn’t realise she was gonna have sisters for a long time as the other ones didn’t come into the picture until later. Myogi is the classic middle child and a bit needy, because I spend a lot of time with Moumi. Kikilala is the baby of the family so she gets pampered and is always next to me, she follows me everywhere. 

Is Moumi officially the creative behind the fashion label?
Yes, she was the one that got the brand started.

How did it all start?
I had an idea for a t-shirt with prints of Moumi all over it and stared making really simple photoshop collages and all my friends wanted one too so I made some for them and it started from there. 

How did it develop into a collection?
It was quite accidental, I didn’t necessarily want to get into fashion so I started doing stationary and eventually, I wanted to make fabrics to sell but they didn’t sell because people didn’t have the facilities to make something out of them. So I started making clothes for myself from the fabrics and again people were asking to buy the pieces, so eventually it turned into a proper collection.

You seem highly creative and your work has seen you art direct videos, write a blog, run a store and design clothes, what do you enjoy best at the moment?
It all evolves naturally and my favourite thing is always what I’m doing at the present.

Supersweet started as a magazine, can you tell us a bit about that?
It started while I was living in London and was about music, fashion and lifestyle.

Who are your favourite bands at the moment and why?
I’m going to go with the folk singer-songwriter Ruby the Rabbitfoot as she is the main muse for Wish You Were Here. She might be a little bit obscure right now but I’m sure everyone is going to hear about her soon. Originally from Georgia, she’s just moved to LA, she’s an old soul trapped in this rather wonderfully eccentric being, her songs are seemingly sweet but if you listen carefully you will detect a dark edge which is something that represents SUPERSWEET x moumi very well. 

Can you tell us about the Spring / Summer 2016 collection?
It’s calledWish You Were Here and is inspired by the Pink Floyd song. I was also looking at vintage postcards, when people send postcards from their holidays that say ‘Wish you were here’ but cats don’t really travel like people, they travel more vertically when they jump and climb. We used that as a metaphor and started with the sea, then the earth, to the sky and then space.

Do you design all the prints yourself or do you work with an illustrator?
I worked with an illustrator, Ib Chaiyato, she’s an old friend and helped me with many Supersweet projects. She created the characters a while ago for another project we did, called Moumi Cream where we had a pop-up and sold ice cream. 

You spent a long time in London, do you feel it influenced the way you work?
Growing up on London taught me to think creatively and subconsciously you get taught to be yourself a lot more than in any other places and I think that’s really important, whatever you do. 

Back to cats, if you were a cat for a day, what would you do?
Sleep all day without guilt or shame!



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