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Feeling Cosmic

Words: Gemma Lacey
Photography: Jenna Putnam

PUSS PUSS has an extra treat for you this week, an exclusive preview of a track from Los Angeles based artists The Entire Universe. They create magical cosmic music and experiences for their audience and Can They Hear is a little slice of the lovely world they create as well as the fun parties they throw regularly too.

Let’s start with your new track, can you tell us a little bit more about it and the process of recording it?
Can They Hear? is a modern love song dealing with the sterilised, impersonal way in which we connect with each other. The things we keep ourselves distracted with to get through the day. Androgyny, hypocrisy and a sea of sights, sounds and thoughts that we all seem to be washed in for better or worse. This is one of the songs on the record that wasn’t recorded in my studio, but with my best friends Chris & Adam from Gardens & Villa who really helped shape the sound with textural synth parts and ideas.  We worked on it for about a week together in there studio in Frog Town, getting into some really deep vibes. The kind of lovely experience I live for. 

The Entire Universe is a grand band name, do you have big plans?
The band is named after and dedicated to everyone and everything that has ever been and will be.

We heard your band sprung from the desire to create a peaceful militant visual aesthetic, can you elaborate more on this?
I feel wearing militant looking clothes and emanating peace helps to take the fear and power away from that look. Almost microcosmically, the way people can adopt negative terms by using them in their own positive way to give it a new meaning.

Whose style do you admire most, musically and aesthetically?
Bob Dylan for his unapologetic dedication to his work, plus – what a babe!

You run regular parties, what do you think the ingredients are for a great night out?
People! Aside from the environment, music or performers, people coming together to share ideas and connect with each other is such a powerful thing that I think we all need from time to time.

What songs do you always love to play?
They all have their own unique energy.  It’s the best when we can translate the idea of a song into the moment authentically together, with the crowd.

What do you never get asked about yourselves that you would love to share?
We’re a relatively new band so everything we share, we’re experiencing with our audience as it happens. 

What’s next for The Entire Universe?
We have an album that will be coming out next year and we plan on making a series of music videos directed by our friend Gilbert Trejo, who directed the video for Revolving Sun

To learn more about The Entire Universe go to YouAreTheEntireUniverse.com

The Entire Universe conclude their residency at Zebulon tonight, pop by for a free show and sets from C.G Roxanne and The Nightmares, Crush and Shannon Lay. 

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