A New Force

Leanne Cloudsdale
Max Avdeev

There was once a time when Sundays were set aside for the act of worship, but it’s now fast becoming the perfect day to visit an art gallery. Modern-day British philosopher Alain de Botton was on point when he was quoted as saying “Art has replaced religion as a touchstone of our reverence and devotion”. With this in mind, I began my interview with Anton Belov, museum director of the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art in central Moscow. Originally masterminded by art collector and businesswoman Dasha Zhukova, the eagerly anticipated $27million renovation re-opened in June 2015. Located in Gorky Park, it was designed by the award winning Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas, and provides a monumental mecca for art lovers. It covers a staggering 65,000 square feet and houses one of the most substantial collections of Russian contemporary art since the 1917 communist revolution.

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