Ai Weiwei talks art, activism and cats

Amah-Rose Abrams
Matt Robinson

Cats are truly wonderful but as humans, once we have dipped our paws in the water of freedom, can we ever go back to living under someone else’s control? Earlier this year I travelled to Beijing with the team from Puss Puss magazine to meet the artist and activist, Ai Weiwei.

Ai Weiwei is a real cat lover; he has turned over his studio and home to the 30-ish cats who live with him, saying, “This is their place”.

His compound in Beijing, where he lives and works, has become a safe place for the local feline population. Cats either jump into the garden of their own accord or people bring them there, they know they will be welcome. “It’s all about the cats. They stay here, some have babies here but it’s their home and really an oasis for us.”

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