Around the World in 80 Cats

Renée Joppe

Travelling the world and taking photos of beautiful places (and cats) sounds like a dream – and exactly what Netherlands based photographer Renée Joppe did for the past year. Here she shares her pics & travel tips.

From Moscow via Mongolia to Beijing and then onto Japan, Southeast Asia and Australia sounds like a trip of a lifetime. Exploring all the different countries and cultures, Renée spotted her first kitten in Moscow, Russia, and the project started. Her advice for globetrotting cat lovers?
‘Ainoshima, without a doubt! That Japanese island has to be on every cat lover’s bucket list. Honestly, it’s unreal. And of course just an adventure to even get there from mainland Fukuoka. And if you want to go and make the world a better (cat) place, you could travel to Vietnam and Cambodia after, to set up animal shelters and have stray cats sterilized, treat their sicknesses and basically give them a future. People there love the cats, but they don’t have the knowledge or resources to help them’.

“People in Vietnam

and Cambodia love cats ..

World of Cats

.. but they don’t have the knowledge or resources to help them”

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