Art cats would like at Frieze Art Fair

From the frenzy of fashionistas descending on London for LFW in September, this month it was the art crowd’s turn to arrive en masse at Regents Park for the annual Frieze Art Fair. With 162 galleries showcasing contemporary art from over 25 countries there was a lot to take in.

We took on the chin scratching critics of the art world with the post scratching expertise of our resident feline to bring you a cat’s eye view of Frieze.

Here our top 5 pieces of art cats would like:

1. Eric Bainbridge, Untitled and The Embarrassment of Jimmy The Nail, 2014
Workplace Gallery, Gateshead

These two sculptures by Eric Bainbridge actually look like giant cat climbing trees (very expensive ones). Cats would love climbing up and down on them and the addition of leopard print is definitely a bonus.

2. Oscar Tuazon, A Fountain, 2014
Standard Gallery, Oslo

Everyone who owns a cat knows that cats LOVE drinking from water taps. The one that is part of Oscar Tuazon’s A Fountain is running continuously which means they could come and drink from it whenever they like.

3. Carl Andre, 8 x 8 Cedar Solid, 2011
Konrad Fischer Gallery, Berlin

Cats love scratching their nails on wood, this would give them plenty of space to do it.

4. Jean-Luc Moulène, Sans titre (poumons de boeuf), 2014
Galerie Greta Meert, Bruxelles

Big, scrunched up blankets are a perfect hiding place for cats where they can fall asleep so that you can’t find them. This piece by Jean-Luc Moulène is perfect for it with all the folds and the elevated part in the middle.

5. Enrico David,  Untitled, 2014
Michael Werner Gallery, London

Carpets are another cat favourite, especially when hung on the wall like the Untitled piece by Enrico David that was sold for $80,000.

6. This was probably just some silver tinsel (or was it art? Hard to tell…), but cats would love it all the same.