Behind the scenes at Mytheresa: Meet Tiffany Hsu & Christopher Kyvetos

April Wan

We had the pleasure to meet the powerhouses behind Mytheresa’s impeccable edit: Tiffany Hsu, vice president of womenswear and kidswear fashion buying and the director of menswear, Christopher Kyvetos. Here we get their take on sustainability, what it takes to make it in fashion and also find out what advice they would give to their teenage selves.

AW: The Galliano Oriental collection sparked your initial love for fashion. Was there anything else from your childhood that inspired your path to fashion?
TH: My parents were both working in advertising, and we had a lot of Japanese magazines, art books, and illustrations at home. This has played a big part in my love for beautiful things in general. I’m also a massive manga nerd, which influenced my perception of fashion concretely.
AW: Our sixteenth issue explores nostalgia and teenage angst. What advice would you give your seventeen-year-old self, walking into the Central Saint Martins interview?TH: Have an outstanding portfolio and be confident; you may not know who you are and what you like but don’t be afraid to explore; knowledge is vital.
AW: Can you share some actions that you’ve taken as the Vice President of Womenswear & Kidswear Fashion Buying in regards to keeping helping the fashion industry be as sustainable as possible?
TH: We have stopped buying exotic fur products as a company, and we continue talking to brands to ensure that everything is being sourced responsibly. 
AW: There is a new wave of talented designers every year; what do you look for when choosing from newly established brands?
TH: Originality and creativity, also whether the product range and price point will create a viable business. To be able to fill a gap in the market, then a replica of someone else.
AW: Is it true that fashion never sleeps? If so, what self-care regime do you like to do when work-life gets hectic?
TH: I have set a bedtime reminder on my phone to alert me when it’s time to put it down and take care of myself. 
AW: You’ve been on the Mytheresa team for six years now. What have been some of your favorite/highlight moments?
THThe moment we went IPO during Covid, it was a testament to our hard work and resilience.
AW: What are your top picks for the season?
TH: For SS23, Saint Laurent cheer dresses and maxi leather coat.
AW: Can you describe the customer that you select when buying?
TH: Fashion-forward, time-poor, someone who is not only into clothes but also looking for life experiences. Their shopping is lifestyle driven, so we are here to fulfill the needs of each occasion.
AW: Where do you source your references/inspirations from
TH: For buying, we look at Instagram, magazines, and visit showrooms and check around from different stores to people on the street for inspiration.
AW: Lastly, can you share with us any exciting projects coming up for you in 2023?TH: We are thrilled to be co-sponsor for the second year of the prestigious French fashion award, ANDAM. Our support for young/emerging designers is always our priority; that’s why we have already announced the launch of The China Designer Program by Mytheresa, which highlights and champions the new generation of Chinese fashion designers. We are very excited to be taking this opportunity to work with some of the best young Chinese design talents today to be able to support them and showcase their vision on our international platform. Chinese fashion is heading into a new era, and we want to be at the forefront of that.
Regarding exclusive capsules, we will be launching shortly a special collection with Paris Texas, solely available on our website. We will also be co-sponsoring a three days event with Pucci in St. Moritz for the launch of an elevated skiwear capsule with Fusalp.

Tiffany’s Gift Picks

Leather Shoulder Bag by Bottega Veneta

Rainbow 14kt Gold Ring by Suzanne Kalan

Emerald 18kt gold ring by Shay Jewelry

AW: Chris, you entered the fashion industry at the young age of 17. How was that navigating between your teenage years and your career?
CK: I often look back and think that I traded my teenage years for my career. I was traveling and working while my friends were in school or hanging out at our local spots.  
AW: Our sixteenth issue explores nostalgia and teenage angst. What advice would you give to your seventeen-year-old self-attending Paris Fashion Week?
CK: I would tell myself, at seventeen, to be seventeen. Looking back, I’m not sure you needed to be in showrooms and runways in Paris at that age. I have kids of my own now, and I like the idea of them being two when they are two and being ten when they are ten. There’s plenty of time for the rest. 
AW: Can you share some actions that you’ve taken as the menswear buying director in regard to keeping the fashion industry as sustainable as possible?
CK: We really try and buy less. We work with 100 brands, as opposed to 500 or more. Our model is to buy less, sell and ship less. The higher value of our transactions is where the big revenue numbers we post come from. We could buy, sell and transport twenty thousand £100 T-shirts a year, but we do not. 
 AW: Your career over the last couple of years seemed to be focused more on streetwear. Would you say that’s translated through your cultivation for Mytheresa?CK: I opened my first sneaker store in 2012. Prior to that, I was selling Dior Homme by Hedi Slimane exclusively in Australia from 2001-2008. To me, Dior was streetwear. Low-slung Made-in-Japan denim, thousand-pound luxury sweatshirts, and trainers. Then came Riccardo at Givenchy, and the print game started; it was always all that we call streetwear. When luxury “streetwear” outgrew its niche, it was time to move on, and that’s when the Mytheresa project became interesting to me. 
AW: What are your top sneaker picks for this season?
CK: My own personal? That’s not interesting for anyone. I wear things like Brooks running shoes! I’m looking forward to what NIGO is working on at KENZO; I think what comes next there is going to be very exciting in footwear. 

AW: Can you describe the customer that you select when buying?
CK: I think more about the product. If I had to link a person to the product I’m looking for, it’s someone who’s not easily influenced but someone who perhaps influences others.  
AW: Where do you source your references/inspirations from?
CK: Things that shaped me growing up. The 90s & 2000s music, sports, fashion, and streetwear culture. 
AW: Where do you see Athletics Footwear heading in the next couple of years?
CK: Athletics Footwear is an active lifestyle brand. When I travel to Milan for three days of work, I want one pair of shoes with me. A pair that I can run in go to the gym, go to meetings and attend dinner in. That’s Athletics.
AW: What are some of your favorite moments while being on the Mytheresa team?
CK: Karaoke, because they always want me to sing, and I never do it. Maybe next time.
AW: Lastly, can you share with us any exciting projects coming up for you in 2023?
CK: I’m working on some sneakers – I think we’re in a transition period for sneakers in luxury brands, and driving the next chapter of what sneakers are in luxury brands is something I’m interested in. 

Chris’s Gift Picks

Dog Coat by Prada

Speakers Bang and Olufsen

Towel Set by missoni

Cotton Blend Socks by Ami Paris