Brooke Candy – Romance Is Not Dead

Savanna Ruedy
Gabriel Held
Jessica Gianelli

What’s sweeter than being sweet? From non-conformity to sexual freedom, Brooke Candy’s got a pretty good idea. An ex-vibrator addict, and lover of love languages, with a thirst for passion and spontaneity, Brooke opens up about sexorcism, soulmates and the bits that fall between. With Valentines Day in full swing, Brooke reassures us that–despite the whispers–romance is in fact alive and thrusting.

JG: Is love something that you look for, or does it find you?
BC: I think it’s a combination of both…you have to be open to receive it while actively looking. I think when you’re in a high frequency love state you magnetise a lot of possible suitors and you have to know exactly what you’re looking for so you can sift out the temporary thots and transition into the permanent heart connected soul mate!
  • JG: Who is your ideal partner (in your heart or in your bed)?
    My ideal partner is compassionate, thoughtful, funny, talented, giving, patient, and kind. Ideally an artist who lives and breathes their passion. Someone who likes spontaneous sex and lots of adventure too
JG: Some say romance is dead. What do you say?
BC: I say thats crazy!!! I spent the majority of my life convinced that romance and love were not something I would get to experience in this life and then I shifted my perspective. I told myself everyday that I was worthy of love and that my soulmate was on their way and then boom it happened! It’s a conscious choice to spend every day in a loving state but it’s doable for anyone!
JG: A man called Gary Chapman introduced something called the ‘Love Languages’ as the ways that we relate to love in relationships. Some people like receiving gifts, some prefer quality time, or physical touch. Some appreciate words of affirmation, or acts of service. Where do you think your love language lies? How can someone show you how they feel?
BC: I’m obsessed with love languages!!! My favourites are words of affirmation and physical touch!
JG: We know, toys aren’t just for kids. How do you feel about them? Do you have any favourites?
BC: I stopped using them once I got married! But I had a vibrator addiction for quite some time! Now I like things to be a bit more old fashioned
JG: The Sexorcism tour starts so soon! Where does the term come from? What does Sexorcism look like? BC: It starts so soon!!! I’m so excited too because it sold out!!! My first time selling out a group of shows and it feels surreal! The album was super collaborative and was a release of pent up energy from the previous 5+ years. It’s an exploration of sex and comedy and collaboration!
JG: What makes you feel most sensual?
Candles, red roses, satin pajamas, rain hitting my window pane
JG: Sexual freedom is like a breath of fresh air. How important is it to your life?
BC: It’s so important!!! It’s the only form of stress relief I have!!! I don’t drink or party and I just quit eating sugar and carbs so sex is my only vice!