Browns Fashion – A Family Affair with Ib Kamara

Cordelia Speed

“It’s the perfect time to showcase what beauty can be cultivated when we come together and work in an equal space, a space where the colour of our skin is not determined by our brilliance, a space where everyone feels equal and able to be part of a community” – Ib Kamara

Browns has announced that Ib Kamara will be the fourth and final guest editor of A Family Affair: A Celebration of the Bonds That Matter. Community being at the very heart of Browns, the aim of this project is to interact with the pioneers of the worlds of fashion, beauty, film, music, art and gaming, with the purpose of sharing, engaging, inspiring and harnessing originality whilst celebrating leading figures of the creative industry. Tapping into his unique visionary network, Ib and his contributors dream up ideas of what the future will look like and share their hopes for a positive evolution of the world, striving for brighter and better.

Amplifying the voices and creative visions of the likes of Mischa Notcutt, Nadiah Adu-Gyamfi, Justin French, Elliott Jerome Brown Jr, Rafael Pavarotti, Stephen Isaac Wilson, Daniel Sällström, Virginie Moreira, Gareth Wrighton and Osei Bonsu, Ib Kamara’s contribution to this series is a celebration of beauty, creativity and culture.