Byredo – De Los Santos

Jodi Bhachu-Smith

Byredo’s new scent De Los Santos was conceived by its founder and creative director Ben Gorham, in order “to honour the beauty of life”. Most specifically as Gorham’s tribute to his late father who spent his later life living in Argentina. Inspired by the customs of Díade los Muertos and All Saints’ Day, the fragrance pays homage to the union of collective ceremonies, and results in a scent focused on the ritual of embrace. Its aromas of amber and incense further allude to this ritualistic notion, and are completed by earthy tones of cistus flourish in dry heat.

The campaign for De Los Santo was captured by California native Estevan Oriol, who’s work uncovers both the glitz and the grit of Los Angeles. As Oriol himself explains, for this series of portraits, “we took Byredo into our world”, exploring LA’s resurgence of 80s and 90s lowrider culture and celebrating the city’s modern interpretation of Chicana style.

De Los Santos is available now on and in selected retailers.