Caturday with Eves Karydas

Vanessa S Miranda

Further than the planes fly, the most recent track from Eves Karydas, could also be the title of the new life chapter she embraced, moving across the world from Australia to London, to rediscover herself and her music. Straight after supporting Dua Lipa on her Australia tour and following her first London solo show at Scotch of St James, we caught up with the singer to find out about her life, her music career and how exciting life has been around the capital!

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Two, almost three years ago, you moved from your hometown in Brisbane, Australia, to London. What sparked that move?
It was a huge decision, but I always had a childhood dream to move to London when I finished school. And I’m the type of person who, if I set a goal for myself, I have to honour it and see it through otherwise I’ll feel very unsettled!
Moving from one place to another is not only a physical move, it’s psychological as well. You’re suddenly in a new place, where you don’t know anyone and that can be somewhat daunting, but also exhilaratingly free…
Totally, I knew no one and had never lived in such a big city before. But the thrill of being young and unattached is so infectious. I think it’s important to live like that when you’re young, at least for a little while. You end up learning a whole lot about yourself and your ambitions!
This journey also meant you cut ties with your past self: your music and even your name changed. Talk us through those changes.
I learnt a lot about myself when I moved away from my hometown’s familiarity. I let those changes take over and take me where they wanted to. For starters, I learnt that I’m a far more positive person now than I ever used to be. That really reflects in the new music I’ve been making. I also had a desire to become as unfiltered and as real as possible, and that started with using my actual name.
As an artist and as a person, if you had to define yourself nowadays what would you say?
Free spirited, stubborn, a diehard romantic, a book nerd, and prone to random bursts of dance…
It’s interesting that to find oneself, we normally have to escape the place where we grew up. How do you perceive this?
Totally agree! Because our hometowns are filled with things that have influenced us our whole life, our families and friends, the weather, the attitudes of the community, even the cultural diversity (or lack thereof), the minute we step away from all of those things… it’s like a puppet having all its strings cut, free to move in any direction.
How would you describe your music?
Pop that’s equal parts noir and colourful. And also nice and weird.
What are your biggest influences?
I’m always inspired by other artists but always in very indirect ways. Bruce Springsteen is one of my biggest heroes, I think it’s the amount of heart he puts in his music, it’s colossal! I find that incredibly influential. Some recent films have really inspired me too – Call Me By Your Name and Lady Bird, both very real. I suppose I would say I’m influenced by anything that’s unabashedly from the heart, by things that reject being “cool” or too emotionally distant.
Can you give us a tour around your favourite London places.
Neal’s Yard (it’s my happy place! There’s also a cafe called 26 Grains which will change your opinion of porridge); Soho (I’m obsessed with wandering aimlessly around Soho, at any time of day, It’s magical)… in fact the walk from Covent Garden up through Soho to Oxford Street is probably my favourite walk in London; Bellenden Road, Peckham (I live in Peckham so I’m very partial to anywhere in the vicinity. South is where it’s AT!); Maltby Street Markets (tucked away in Bermondsey. It’s a really small market and it has so much character, and amazing tapas); Exmouth Market, and exploring Farringdon on a weekend (on the weekend it’s completely deserted. But it’s so beautiful! I love hiring bikes and cycling around the empty streets).
Can you unveil what the future is bringing your way?
I would hope it involves a lot of touring. And of course, studio. I live for writing music, so I know for certain that’s what I’ll be doing.

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