Caturday Soundtrack by How To Dress Well

Gemma Lacey

Caturdays are meant for kicking back with a copy of your favourite magazine, brunch and all that extra time in bed. Add the perfect soundtrack and you elevate the day to a whole new level. So we’re super excited to share a bespoke playlist from How to Dress Well and talk Influences, cat tattoos and why love rules. Sit back, sip your drink and soak up some tunes curated especially for you and find out what inspired them below..

“I don’t really think about it very much to be honest. It’s def not hard to hear my stuff, I love my music!”
How did you choose the tracks for our playlist and what were your inspirations?
I gravitate towards lots of different kinds of music – so long as there’s some real heart there.
Your music is very personal, is that cathartic for you or does it make it hard for you to hear your own stuff at times?
I don’t really think about it very much to be honest. It’s def not hard to hear my stuff, I love my music!
There’s also a lot of majesty and contrast in your work, swelling orchestral sounds that then just stop, do you enjoy creating a dramatic narrative in your work? Yes, very very much. Those dynamic shifts are extremely important to me and really do play a huge role in how I arrange a song.
With that approach in mind, would you or have you ever considered composing and if so, what would be your dream project?
I have done a bit of composing. I’d love to work on a feature film with a great director, someone like Xavier Dolan. He and I have similar musical sensibilities so I think it would be magical.
There’s a lot of pop sensibilities to what you do, but you’ve often said you want to be “pop” not populist – can you elaborate? In a nutshell, the idea is to make pop music that respects everyone’s intelligence and the complexity of human situations.
Love is such a common theme in songwriting but your take on it is much more cerebral, what is it about the notion and your experience of love that you find fascinating?
It’s literally all I think about. I don’t know why, but I am just obsessed with love. It’s magical.
You have a tattoo of your kitty’s name on your arm, can you please tell us more about her? She is great. Truly a blessing.
What can we expect to see from you next? Touring Care for a while! Love playing these new songs live – it’s such a joy!