Caturday Playlist by Snoh Aalegra

Gemma Lacey

Singer Snoh Aalegra has crafted a purrfectly smooth Christmas inspired playlist for your Caturday listening pleasure. We also talk to her about her latest record, the secrets she learned while being mentored by Prince and discover just what Puss Puss really means in Swedish.

Your say music is your first love, what’s the first song you fell in love with and why?
So many lovers to mention here. I guess Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder songs were my first crushes and shaped my taste in music. But I think actually falling deeply in love I would say ‘I have nothing’ by Whitney Houston. Her voice and that song gave me such crazy goosebumps, I was mind-blown of how someone’s voice could make me feel. I just knew immediately from that moment that music was my calling.
You were raised in Sweden, can you tell us what Puss Puss means there?
It means kiss kiss!
What’s your favourite track on your latest record?
I love them all differently for different reasons, but if I have to pick one I would say In your River, simply because it’s the one song that is completely me. It says so much about me by just playing it, without me having to explain my sound.
You were mentored by Prince – can you tell us the best advice he gave you?
He gave me so many musical gems constantly! But the cool thing is, he was equally passionate about everything around the music and creative!
For example, he hated major labels and he strongly suggested for me to leave my major label and to go indie. And that’s what I did. It was the best decision I could have made. He was so proud of me for taking that step!
You have worked with a big range of artists for this latest record, everyone from Hip Hop producers to John Mayer – what was the most interesting collaboration for you and why?
The most interesting collaboration was actually the one with John Mayer, not only because he’s a genius are brought so much heat to the song, but also for the way we met. We literally met on the street outside the studio and he randomly asked to hear my music and we hit it off instantly.
People frequently use the word ‘soul’ in reference to your work – how much of an influence is soul to you?
It’s the core of everything to me. It’s what I grew up on it’s what made me fall in love with music. Stevie Wonder was my first introduction to soul. Not one day goes by where I don’t listen to his music.

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