Caturday with Cailin Russo

Brandon Bowen
Sofi Chetrar

You might have heard of Cailin Russo as the girl from Justin Bieber’s music videos, but she is so much more than that. Ahead of her new album INFLUX due to come out on March 3rd, Cailin shares her first memories of music, inspirations for her work and what her fans can expect from the new release. 

  1. Sofi Chetrar: What got you into music?
    Cailin Russo: I was born into music. My father is a musician, and one of my first emotional memories of music was sitting in the back of the car listening to Coldplay as a child. I was extremly sad listening to their music and felt so impacted. 
    SC: After discovering your recently released song “Die Down”, I listened to it on repeat! Can you tell us about the process of creating it?
    CR: Firstly, thank you so much. “Die Down” was such a fun song to create! I made it with my cousin (Tracy Unknown) in his basement. He started making a little house track, after which I went to the mic to freestyle with my buddy Linus (Hablot Brown). Then the chorus and the verse melody fell out, and the song concept changed after making the demo. But this is how the song came to be what it is today. I was also listening to a lot of Britney Spears, which I feel like you can easily pick up on in the pre-chorus. 
    SC: What is the source of inspiration for your music?
    CR: Life inspires music, and sometimes music foreshadows life.
    A lot of my inspiration for music comes from feelings I want to or have experienced and have others to experience. I write so many lyrics and concepts for songs all the time, but at the end of the day, when you face with the microphone, it’s the emotion and feelings you’re experiencing that will come through. 
SC: You have a unique fashion style, and all the visuals that accompany your musical work reflect that. How much do you participate in making creative decisions?
CR: I think I participate 70% in every part of the world built around music. Sometimes making the music and pushing all the visuals is too much. I received a great advice a while back saying: “When things are too much, just pick one person you trust”, and I trust my creative partner/consultant to make those decisions for me when I’m unavailable. 
SC: Is it true that your newly released “PSYCHO FREAK” single is inspired by Kylie Minogue’s “can’t “Get You Out of My Head” song?
SC: You must be very excited about the release of your new album “INFLUX”, due to be out on March 3rd. What can your fans expect from it?
CR: I think my fans will experience a sonic evolution and an immersive musical experience. I am showing up. 
SC: Speaking of fans, you have an incredible audience on your social media. How do you stay connected with those who listen to your music?
CR: I just do my best to show up for everyone, especially the people who connect with me and support me.
SC: What is the next chapter for you? Do you have tour dates in mind?
CR: Next on the docket is South By Southwest ! And yes, absolutely looking in to lock in tour dates asap. The next chapter is to lay the foundation I’ve built by connecting with my fans and listeners face-to-face. 

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