Caturday with Cherry Glazerr

Matt Robinson

As they’re about to embark on their UK tour on the 2nd of April we caught up with Cherry Glazerr to chat about their new album Stuffed & Ready, their influences and listen to their choice songs .

Two years since the last album could you tell us about the themes of Stuffed and Ready and where they came from?
Stuffed & Ready is a collection of songs that reflect my thoughts about growing up, working, and my place in the world and how it makes me feel. The ideas on the album came to me in different ways, some came about while touring and some came about while we were off from touring and I had some time to sit with my feelings – Like Thats Not My Real Life and Isolation.
Creatively how was the new album approached?
Melodies come to me randomly and I’ll record them on the fly and then translate them to the guitar and then I’ll create vocal melodies always as counter-melodies to the guitar lines. The album, like most of my music, is very guitar centric and heavy and rhythmic. I paired up with Carlos De La Garza, our awesome producer who was a great match for us on this album. He came in strong with a lot of the arrangements and bass lines. We wanted to make the album simple, direct and heavy. We had a lot of fun with guitar pedals and amps in the studio!
What musicians and bands have been your biggest influence?
Parliment Funkadelic, US Girls, NIN, Die Antwoord, Dean Blunt, Bjork, Sade, The Stooges
How much of L.A influences your sound?
I think it’s mostly sub-perceptual. But def it’s possible that our location does come through in our music. We do love a lot of great California music like The Minutemen and Shannon and the Clams and Chicano Batman.
You are currently on tour, what are the essentials you can not live without?
Hmmmmm, All of the awesome, good people who we surround ourselves with who we love and whose support is everything!!!
3 living and 3 dead artists you can collaborate with who and why?
Living: Yaeji because she is a killer producer and has the best beats, The Flaming Lips because they’re a terrific band with such creative life force! and US Girls because she is such a unique, interesting music maker. (and Portugal The Man because they’re such awesome people who rock)
Dead: Alice Coltrane because duh the best of the best!, Randy Rhoads because those guitar shreds would break open the earth and Amy Winehouse because of her amazing songwriting, guitar playing and incredible voice.
The last question, you are asked to write a soundtrack for a film which film and who directs it?
The Road to Hell directed by Tommy Wiseau 

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