Caturday with Diana Gordon

In her own words, Diana Gordon is ‘An artist, a musician, a business woman and caregiver spontaneously and successfully moving through live with purpose’. We caught up with the multi-faceted artist as she escaped the LA lockdown in the lush nature of Jamaica.

What are some concepts you are embracing recently?
DG: Minimalism, I’m purging my closet and garage of all the things I don’t need. I’m finally starting a garden outside my home, I’m gonna take all that energy and I have to buy new things and put it into working the soil with my hands.
What’s one thing you have done outside of your comfort zone lately.
DG: I should have learned to drive 10 years ago, I recently got my learners permit and I’ve been in driving school. This is normal for most people but this is huge for me. I’m so proud of myself. I’ve traveled the world and worked with so many legends and driving is right up there with those career achievements.
What are you listening to right now?
DG: I’ve been listening to movie scores. Ludwig Goransson is really brilliant and The Tenet soundtrack is amazing .
What are you working on now?
DG: I’m in the studio again. My goal is to tell my story through sound and I’m approaching it carefully right now. I’m also looking for land to buy .

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