Caturday with Greentea Peng

Anna Ferrick

Greentea Peng is known for her glitchy hypnotic sounds and mesmerising vocals. Her persona is sultry, bold and sunny. We asked her about her favourite things and learned that lounging at home, listening to Jazz and Reggae take top priority, with Sunday roasts and dressing up come a close second.

What’s your ideal way to spend a Saturday?
More and more these days I like to stay in you know! I’ve moved into a house I love recently, and when you love your home environment its hard to leave, especially if you’re far from things anyway so. If I know there’s something with guaranteed tunes, a good sound and vibes; like a banging outdoor summer rave, I’ll head there, but other than that, it’s yard really, some whiskey and YouTube salsa tutorials maybe, I definitely like to try and get a boogie in.
And, what is a typical Sunday for you?
SUNDAY FUNDAY Sundays are my favourite days, I love a Sunday, I love to really get dressed up on a Sunday, I don’t know why, even if I’m not doing anything I’ll get dressed up, it’s sick! I love it! Sunday best like I’m going to church, everything feels more holy. Again this day is for lots of music, Sundays are for Jazz and Reggae, Reggae is for everyday but Sundays especially. Also, a roast, you got to go down the pub on a Sunday if you can and get a roast and a pint!
Do you have a favourite spot to hang out on weekends?
Whens it’s sunny in London the parks are the best place to be aren’t they? Beautiful and green and the air feels more clean! You can chill all day until the sun goes down! I wouldn’t say I have any particular spots anymore, when I lived in East I guess I did but I’m out of the way now. There’s no place like home anyway, save your money!
What 3 things do you love most about London?
Carnival is my absolute most favourite weekend of them all, I would swap Christmas for Carnival. What a beautiful gathering of people it’s bloody wild. Dancing from morning till 7pm! I wish they’d let us run it later but I’m very grateful for carnival man. London needs carnival! The energy, you can feel it bouncing through the streets, it’s chaos but I love it, when the sun’s out, is when the energy is the highest and people are literally buzzing like bees it’s crazy. The people, London has the most diverse groups of people it’s so refreshing walking down a street where everyone looks different, where people are feel free to express themselves.
What are some of your favourite places to eat and drink?
I cook at home a lot! But there are a couple of Indian restaurants I’ve found recently that I’ve fallen in love with one in Peckham and one in Palace.
Do you dress differently on weekends?
Not really apart from Sundays, sometimes I’ll go all out bright on a Sunday.
A lot of your instagram shows you out in nature- what are some of your favourite places to escape to?
My family live on the South Coast so I love visiting down there, they have the sea and the beautiful cliffs and country landscape too, really the best of both worlds. Sometimes we go and visit the bees too and camp there in some woodlands outside of London. I’m lucky I have a big green garden with a big beautiful willow tree for a neighbour so actually I feel like I’m in Nature even when I’m at home which is so nice.
Are there stories behind some of your tattoos? If so can you share some with us?
Some have stories some are just decoration, some are reminders, they‘re all different really! I couldn’t get into any of the stories, they are all far too long-winded or inappropriate.
You have lots of interesting jewellery too- is there a story behind those pieces too?
I’ve always just loved jewellery, GOLD especially and hoop earrings from such a young age, I love extras, accessorising. I think that’s the word isn’t it. I’m into hats right now, I go through stages, the gold never changes though!
How do you look after yourself? Do you have self-care routines and if so what do you do?
Routine and me don’t go in the same sentence I’m afraid, I’m always in and out of different things. Whether thats exercising, taking vitamins, trying to fast intermittently and drinking lots of water. It’s never a constant thing with me man I can’t lie. I always try and make time for a little yoga but what I never miss out on is moisturising, I’ll alternate on Oils, olive oil is my favourite right now, but thats a mustttt do every day- oil ya self!
Do you have favourite beauty products and treatments?
My friend @oonabeuaty does my eyelashes so lovely I’ll always go and see her if I fancy jazzing myself up a bit for a show or a shoot. The last time I was there she gave me an eyebrow tint too, that was cute. Other than that I’m into this Himalayan salt bar for exfoliation- it’s mad!
How do you chill out?
I smoke and breathe, maybe listen to something.
Do you have any cities or destinations you’d love to visit, if so where and why?
I really want to go to New Orleans and I neeeeed to Touch my foot down in Africa, that’s vital.
What songs and artists would you put on a playlist to soundtrack your weekend?
I would have Blue boy “Remember Me” because it is a classic and you can’t help but move. I would have Price Francis -”Street Doctor”, Sister Nancy “Bam Bam, and Roni Size- “ New Forms. “
You collaborated with Color Studios, can you tell us more about that?
Yes, Color Studios hooked me up man, big love to them for lending me their platform to share my song “Downers”, they helped me reach such a wide audience, an audience that I hadn’t ever spoke to before! It was really cool to have that opportunity I’m very grateful. I’ve also had the chance to collaborate with some sick artist such as Goldie, Mike Skinner and Foreign Beggars which all have been amazing link-ups too!
What are you most excited about next?
The release of my new ep RISING November 1st, I’m very excited to share this new project with everyone, a year after my debut ep SENSI it feels great to have new music to share. It’s a 6 track project. And we’re having an EP release party at Hootananny Brixton 8th November too it’s going to be a vibe and those tickets are available now!

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