Caturday with Hinds

Gemma Lacey

Spanish Indie Rock band Hinds are known for their rousing retro inspired sound and energetic and soulful stage performances. They took a few minutes out of their hectic tour schedule to talk to us about the Spanish music scene, why you miss laundry on tour and what artists would be their dream collaborators. As if that’s not enough, they also made a magical playlist perfect for spring daydreaming!

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You’re from Madrid, can you tell us a little bit about the music scene there?
The music scene in Madrid is now better than ever and in Spain in general. So many bands are coming out and are able to go and play in other countries, which was almost unthinkable a few years ago. It´s so nice, because we all know each other, go to the same bars, hang with everybody’s friends, it’s like a huge family.
What are your favourite places there?
It’s kind of embarrassing when we always answer this question with bars!! Haha, but it’s truly where we spend most of our time when we are here…bars like Sidi, la Via Lactea, and in the summer, la Plaza del Dos de Mayo is where everyone hangs all day and night.
What inspired you to form a band?
I think we kind of jumped over the proper “idea of forming a band” and went straight to having one haha! For me I never dreamt of being in a band really, I loved playing music and was already playing drums for years before being in Hinds. I went to group music classes and stuff, but that wasn’t a proper band.
You look like you’re always having a lot of fun at your live shows and in your videos- what are the best parts of being in a band?
For me, the idea of living out of the music is already awesome, but the idea of living out of the songs we’ve created is the most crazy one. Also, getting to know all those places and people from around the world has always been my favourite thing too. When we are on tour, I like to open Google Maps sometimes, and zoom the map out, and seeing a mini blue spot somewhere in the middle of the world that means “ME”, that’s so awesome too!!
And the worst?
Hmm… the worst might be not being able to do laundry whenever you want to, I mean…laundry is one of those things that you don’t know you love until you lose it haha! Well, missing your family and friends, tiredness and craziness from being in a van for 8hrs everyday…that can be hard too!
What other artists do you admire?
Gabriella Cohen, The Growlers, Strokes and Arctic Monkeys (of course), Twin Peaks…
Lots of your music has a very ’60s garage pop feel to it- is that deliberate or something that evolved as you began to play?
Well, I think we started like that because it was just the resources we had. The first song recorded with Ana and Carlotta was with just one mic and a laptop so I guess the Lo-fi sound and the ’60s vibe comes from there. I don’t think we sound like the ’60s anymore…so it’s definitely evolved!
You have a very dreamy Lo-fi aesthetic to your photos too- is that designed to complement the music?
We are very careful with the connection between pics and music, we try to fit everything in the right place all the time. I think we try to stay as much as ourselves on both sides as possible, so yeah! Pics compliment the music for sure!!
If you could collaborate with any artist living or dead who would it be?
Woah! Lovely question…I’d personally loooove to do a collaboration with Tyler the Creator or Kali Uchis, or both together!! Also Glass Animals, alt-J…so many!!!
What are you excited for in 2018?
To the new beginning! Album’s coming out real soon, tours are starting all over again…everything is exciting!!
PS: Do you own any cats / have you owned a cat growing up? Tell us more!
My parents own two cats and a dog…I’ve always lived with cats and I love them, they are truly my favourite pet!! When I was younger we had like 6 cats haha!!


Listen to Hind’s Caturday playlist

The new video and single ‘I Don’t Run’ is out on April 6th and the girls embark on their
Europe tour from mid April and play Primavera Sound Barcelona at the end of May.