Caturday with JGrrey

Anna Ferrick

With a sold out headline show and a new EP already under her belt this year, singer songwriter JGrrey is undoubtedly one to keep an eye on. Initially discovered when she posted a video of herself singing online, the young artist has already worked with industry heavyweights like Nana Rogues and Lily Allen and is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. We caught up with her to talk about putting together her first headline show, how she got her start in the industry and keeping her head clear. She also put together an awesome weekend playlist for us!

Congratulations on the show! Can you tell us about the process of organising it and how you were feeling on the night?
Thanks! It was awesome. I definitely didn’t put it together the way most people would. I had a look at so many venues but none of them felt right so I decided to do the show in an art gallery. It had never had any live music or shows done in it before and had only been open for a little while but once I had decided that was the venue I wanted my team bent over backwards to make it happen. It was amazing.
How did your writing session with Lily Allen come about?
She literally just sent me a DM and then the next week I linked up with her and reached studio.
Your lyrics touch on topics like moving away from home and troubled relationships and are very relatable. Do you find it cathartic to write?
Yes, I was mentioning recently that I need to write. My head gets cloudy otherwise and I cant think straight.
Your most recent video clip is beautiful, can you tell us about the process of filming it and where the concept came from?
It was an idea I had that (director) Harry Cauty expanded on. It’s essentially capturing the defining line between JGrrey and Jen, because although they are essentially the same person, I find myself doing things as JGrrey that I couldn’t imagine Jen ever doing. For example performing live. Jen would never and would maybe even think someone that is performing is attention seeking or showing off so the video was about capturing us both, if that makes any sense.
Tell us about how you got your start in the music industry?
Manga Saint Hilare was my start, he showed me a recording studio for the first time and it made a massive difference to my path. Has there been a moment so far in your career that stands out as the biggest highlight? I guess my headline show. Or people I look up to listening to my music.

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