Caturday with Josie Man

Clare Gillen
Jessica Gianelli

With crystalline vocals and a soulful flair, Josie Man is ‘agroovyboothang’ ready to xoxo sing your heart out. Having released her debut single ‘Colours’ back in November, Josie has also recently presented her colourful world with an EP titled ‘aLOVINGboothang,’ enticing us further towards her painterly, feel-good vibes. Friends and family are super important to Josie, and she stands with the notion that positivity and gratitude are two things that help to keep a smile on her face, and her feet firmly planted on the ground.

JG: ‘Colours’ gave us some sweetness alongside sparkling retro aesthetics. What inspired the song and visuals?
JM: The lyrics of the songs were inspired by the people around me, well I wouldn’t say inspired but they helped: people are mean and this song was at time when I was wishing people would just be more open and accepting. That’s also the message of the video. In terms of aesthetics, I just had loads of ideas in my head and searched Pinterest to help me explain them/ I love the Gucci editorial vibe and a dreamy kinda look.
JG: I’m getting a little kitsch, a bit of street vibes from you, and a good amount of confidence. How would you describe your style?
JM: I wouldn’t really know what to call my style, everyday it’s different, some days I love big baggy jeans and other days I like little mini skirts but always paired with a big pair of chunky trainers. I love logo monogram pieces, real or bootleg so I’ve usually got one of those on just to finish it off along with my rings and earrings but they all stay the same.
JG: Bratz dolls and tiger tattoos! A beautiful dichotomy. Which is your favourite?
JM: I love the bratz one but the tiger is my favourite, it’s such a power and beautiful piece, I’m half Chinese and I was born in the year of the tiger.
JG: If you had a month to spend anywhere in the universe, where would you go?
JM: Bali 100%. It’s just perfect, it’s so peaceful and there’s healthy and delicious vegan food everywhere.
JG: Ah, it’s finally 2020. The start of a new decade. What does the future hold for you?
JM: I hope it’s filled with happiness and love and lots of amazing opportunities. My EP is coming out so I’m really excited for the world to hear that, and I can’t wait to do live shows and making more music!!
JG: When you’re not making music, what’s your favourite way to spend your time?
JM: I love cooking with my friends, spending time with my family and having sleepovers with my boyfriend.
JG: You’re from both South London and Hong Kong, right? How have your various backgrounds influenced who you are today?
JM: I’m really close with my family, my parents never told me who I should be or what I should be doing. My home life is really influenced by being Chinese and English because there’s a good mix of it, like we still have roast dinners but then also have dim sum every so often. And we always eat with chopsticks. My grandparents don’t speak very good English so I hear my dad talking in Cantonese all the time. I’m proud and love being half and half because I’m half my mum and half my dad, I love the Chinese culture because it’s very family orientated and that’s why I think my family and I are so close.
JG: With all that’s going on in the world today, there’s a lot of talk around the word ‘hopelessness.’ On the contrary, ‘Colours’ exudes a feeling of hopefulness, even happiness, as mundane as it might sound. What keeps you grounded?
JM: I try my hardest to see the positive in everything, what keeps me grounded is being grateful for the people and things I have around me.
JG: I love the soulfulness of your voice. It’s delicate, yet bodied. Who are your greatest musical influences?
JM: Thank you so much!! There’s so many from Avril Lavigne to Rihanna to Mac Miller.
JG: Acrylics sorted & colour theory on full swing. It’s the weekend, and you’re chilling! Who’s beside you? And what’s playing on your playlist?
JM: With my best friends playing Find Your Love by Drake and feeling nostalgic, we used to listen to that song as teenagers when we had NO idea about real adult life! I miss those days!!

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