Caturday with Kaash Paige

Jessica Gianelli

Kaash Paige is the Dallas born musician hoping to inspire confidence as a voice for the younger generations. With a positive outlook, and strong sense of emotion, Kaash looks to offer a sense of authenticity in her music, providing an experience that listeners can relate to. We met up with Kaash to discuss self expression, social media, and higher states of mind. Check out her brand new single β€œFrank Ocean,” and some other tunes that get her going on her Caturday playlist below.

JG: How would you describe your vibe?
KP: I’m real laid back. Super chill, super straight forward, and super positive.
JG: Who are your idols – what genres or musicians have inspired you?
KP: My idols are Isaiah Rashad, Mac Miller, Erykah Badu, and Kid Cudi. The genres that have most inspired me are Alternative Rock, RNB, Pop Music, And Neo Soul.
JG: What is the best part about making your own music?
KP: The best part of being able to create my own music is the experience. Being with my friends and learning from them. It’s always a vibe.
JG: I’m a sucker for a good love song, what draws you to bring emotion to the forefront in your music?
KP: Just being able to make music that is relatable to people is what draws me to bring emotion to the forefront. I want people to think of real experiences and feel real things when listening to my music.
JG: At the moment, the world is brimming with uncertainty. Where do you see yourself, and your music in the future?
KP: I see it elevating, and myself becoming better in every aspect of my life. I want to always become better. I really believe that I will be one of the biggest artists in the world.
JG: Confidence is so important when opening up part of yourself for the world to see. What fuels you? What makes you feel confident and empowered?
KP: Knowing that god is always on my side. And knowing that everybody is imperfectly perfect.
JG: Referring to yourself with the acronym K.A.A.S.H, ’Kill All Arrogance Stop Hatred’ is a poignant way to show what you stand for. How does it feel to be an influential person within the industry at such a young age?
KP: It feels amazing because I feel like I’m speaking to the young kids. I want to be a voice for all the young kids and show them that it is okay to be yourself.
JG: Your song went viral on TikTok when you didn’t even have one, that must have been incredible. How do you feel about social media being so closely intertwined with our day to day lives?
KP: I think it’s dope. The world is full of creatives, and it gives everyone a platform to achieve. To be seen, to be heard of, and to express themselves.
JG: You’re from Dallas right? If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?
KP: Yes, I’m from Dallas! I want to go to Amsterdam or Tokyo. I just look forward to travelling and catching a vibe in different places to make music. I want to perform at the North Sea Jazz Festival. And I definitely want to try Space Cake while in Amsterdam.
JG: What’s your favourite way to spend a weekend?
KP: With my bros, getting stoned, and doing fun spontaneous things. We’re always brainstorming creative ideas at the same time.

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