Caturday with Lava

Anna Ferrick

Lava La Rue, the west London rapper and singer, has been making music for the past few years as both a solo artist and as part of her collective Nine8. We caught up with her to find out what her perfect Saturday looks like and what’s on her weekend playlist that she shared with us too.

What does a standard Saturday look like for you?
Dropping out of school and becoming a self employed creative insomniac that hates being bored and says yes to almost every creative commitment that comes their way,  was a one way ticket for me totally loose track on what days are the weekend and what days are weekdays.
On the plus side the weekend doesn’t dictate when I go out to party either, before I had a manager I’d rave for the week and do 5 days work in the space of a 2 day weekend. I’d still get it all done, smashing it even, but don’t get away with that as much now these days just for her sanity.
I’ve deffo played a few gigs and said, “Y’all having a good weekend?”And people are like, “Um, it’s Wednesday?” Ha. I honestly don’t know how to “Saturday” but I’m not complaining I just always have something fun I’m nerding over that keeps me busy on that day whether, it’s studio, shooting a visual, editing a visual, making merch, planning a show etc.
If you had absolutely no commitments for a weekend how would you fill the time?
When I do have free time I’m normally in my bedroom with the lights off watching random YouTube documentaries (normally the conspiracy kind voiced over by weird Americans) eating home-made soup/ramen or watching anime/playing video games with my brothers. We’ve recently spent a lot of time just laughing at viral video compilations and trying to recreate them on TikTok, it’s so funny. If I really wanna leave my flat I’ll go pub/matchday/skatepark with my local friends with some tinnies weighing down my pocket.
Do you have a favourite restaurant, cafe or coffee shop that you visit at weekends?
Any one stop Jamaican Caribbean shop you’ll find me in pre or post motive. Portuguese cafes on Golborne Road is where I go for a quick coffee with a pastry.
Does your style change between weekday and weekend?
It doesn’t! I dress super colourful and super comfortable 24/7 but if I’m tryna look cute I might throw in a lil crop top ‘n chains in there, wether that’s for myself or someone special 😉
Tell us about your self care routine. Food, exercise etc.
I normally choose cooking for myself over going out – people who know me know I’m the best cook no cap. I start the day with granola and TRY not to eat after too late but still working on that. Also working on always drinking more water, I just ALWAYS loose my water bottle then feel guilty for buying plastic bottles, it’s a shitty cycle, I promise I’m working on it.
What are your favourite beauty products or treatments?
Clay face mask, Clarins lip treatment and Glossier highlighter stick. I’m tryna work my way up to that Kiehl’s lifestyle
How do you wind down at the end of a busy day?
Comics & films.
If you could spend a weekend in one city aside from where you live what would it be?
Tokyo, I lived there for a couple months and miss my friends there so much!
And what would you do there?
What we did there last time: just make music, videos, find crazy second hand clothes, eat onigiri & drink STRONG ZERO from the local konbibi (its this 9% alcoholic fizzy drink that comes in nice flavours like lime & peach and you have no idea how drunk it gets you because it tastes like an energy drink), go to 24 hour ramen bars at 3am after a party, chill in the park during the day watching time go by…
If you were going to set a soundtrack to your weekend what artists would be on there?
Still Woozy, Brandy, A Tribe Called Quest,  NiNE8, Sassy009, Cuco, Surf Curse, 6dogs, Pharrell, Biig Piig, Santi

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