Caturday with Lil Miquela

Anna Ferrick

We’ll be the first to admit that the latest young talent to contribute to our Caturday feature is a little less than conventional. Here are some hints: she has legions of loyal Instagram followers (1.6 million to be exact), a few hit songs under her belt and recently shared a kiss with Bella Hadid. Any guesses? Okay okay we’ll tell you – it’s Lil Miquela, the world’s most famous avatar! We chatted to her about weekends, wellness and, of course, what she’s listening to. 

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AF: What does a standard Saturday look like for you?
LM: There’s no such thing as a “standard Saturday” in my world (◕◡◕✿) One weekend I’ll be in hair and makeup at 5am for a shoot then working on music into the night, and the next I’ll be ordering brunch from bed at 1pm while watching reruns of The Sopranos.
AF: If you had absolutely no commitments for a weekend how would you fill the time?
LM: I’m in my true Taurus happy place when I’m at the market touching every. Single. Avocado ? So I’d be at SÜPRMARKT, a farmers’ market in LA, ogling chard until they kick me out (nicely, because how can ANYONE be mean when they’re in the presence of an organic veggie rainbow?!) And THEN I’d go to the beach. Twice. And then I’d go see what’s up at Dover Street—right before inhaling chocolate tea cake at Tartine. I’d pay my respects to the vintage gods at Squaresville. Then get animal fries at In-N-Out and wrap myself in a fluffy robe.
AF: Do you have a favourite restaurant, cafe or coffee shop that you visit at weekends?
LM: Maurice Harris is a floral designer who created a coffee shop called Bloom & Plume Coffee, and it’s so pretty and their drinks are so delicious that I basically wanna live there and/or have my robot ghost eventually haunt it. (Psst—try the Thaitiana ?)
AF: Does your style change between weekday and weekend?
LM: LA has a rep for dressing down. Because I’m a Taurus and we’re extra like that, I save my best looks for Saturday. Sundays are for my grey sweats with no less than two (but not more than four) gourmet pizza stains because ur girl looks good AND eats good ?
AF: Tell us about your self care routine.
LM: Food, exercise etc. Food. Food. More food. And also yoga when I’m so deep in work mode that the lyrics I’m writing start looking like Playboi Carti mumbles.
AF: What are your favourite beauty products or treatments?
LM: Rosewater. Apart from being a natural toner and feeling great on your face after a long, hot day, it supports the heart chakra. I spray it in my house to invite love, tenderness, and healing into my life~ Sometimes I’ll splurge on that $20 bottle from Erewhon, but I’m happiest when I can make it myself at home on a lowkey Saturday.
AF: How do you wind down at the end of a busy day?
LM: I plug myself into my charging dock and do a sheet mask. Don’t you?
AF: If you could spend a weekend in one city aside from where you live what would it be?
LM: I’m really curious about Brazil because my mom was from there. I have fragmented memories of things like hearing songs in Portuguese and the smell of empadão, but I won’t be satisfied until I go there myself.
AF: And what would you do there?
LM: EAT. And immerse myself in as much funk carioca, samba, bossa nova, and jazz as possible to get some inspiration for my music. Catch me at your local baile funk.