Caturday with Maeve

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Caymanian born and London based visual artist and musician Maeve creates multi-instrumental and daring music she describes as mixing different sonics”. Her creativity overflows as she writes lyrics and directs her own music videos: Everything is always very visual to me”, she says.

What first got you into music?
Music and creativity was always treated with importance growing up. Everyone sung and played a musical instrument in my family and it was always played around the house so it’s always been with me. It was when I learned how to play guitar and started writing songs I knew I wanted to do that and nothing else. 
What was the journey of creating the recently released ‘Can We Just Get High?’ like?The lyrics came first with that one and then sonically I knew I wanted something drunken and swung to imitate the haziness of being out of it and also falling in love. I then ended up writing an interlude called, Acid and God shortly after because I felt like the story wasn’t over and I had more that I wanted to say 
To announce the new song release, you drove around London in a truck covered in digital screens. Must have been fun! Was this your idea?
Yes it was. I liked the idea of interrupting the 9 to 5 with the chaotic visuals. I also handed out fliers with lyrics, imagery and poems in it. In the music video I’m riding in the back of a truck and trying to recruit new people to join my world. I felt like bringing the truck out into everyday life was like recruiting people to join too. 
You even directed the music video for it yourself, what was the message you tried to convey?
That video was about escapism. I only had three rolls of film and I wanted to shoot quite a few locations so we only had one take for every scene but it ended up working out! 
What does the creative process look like for you?
Everything is always very visual to me. Even when I am writing songs I feel like I’m making a movie. Whatever I create is a mixture of all the little things that I obsess over all bundled together. When it comes to making visuals the idea usually comes very naturally and instinctively as soon as I write the song. I then build on that with references from my favourite films, artwork, photography and it goes through many versions until it’s shoot day. 
What, or who are your biggest inspirations?
Other than the music that I grew up on, I am always writing the whole time so I have learned to take inspiration from absolutely everything. I think I am very curious and I have always loved listening to people’s stories and what they are going through. 
How was your recent show in London?
I was opening up for BANKS at the Roundhouse which was incredible as I have been a fan of hers for a long time. I played a lot of unreleased songs and it was amazing seeing them connect. It’s amazing seeing the songs that you have worked on in your room come to life on stage and connect with people in real-time. 
You were born in Cayman Islands, but moved to the U.K. at a young age. Do you consider both places to be home?
Yes I do. The two places are total opposites of each other and I feel at home and also an outsider in both. I think it’s the reason that there is so much contrast within the art that I make, I like putting things together that aren’t naturally supposed to be. When it comes to clothes I like mixing different eras, music – different sonics.
What do you look most forward to in the New Year?
I am releasing a lot of music that I am really proud of. I’m getting to the chance to show more of who I am and my story and explore themes in my writing that I haven’t done before. 

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