Caturday with Maximillian

Johanna Schmid

We caught up with Copenhagen born pop sensation Maximillian who counts Gillian Anderson and Ludacris among his fans. Of course he also put together the perfect soundtrack to your weekend!

Your voice immediately connected with over 90.000 viewers in just a few days… How do you feel about so many people suddenly connecting to your music? 
Well, I basically just put out the live video for Feelings back in February hoping that my friends would check it out and out of the blue hundreds of people started sharing, commenting and liking. I never expected hitting 100k views in two weeks and getting shares by Gillian Anderson, Ludacris and T-Pain. I’m just an 18 year old boy doing what I like but it definitely motivated me to make more music!
You list Frank Ocean and James Blake as your influences, what inspires you about these artists?
I like their soft and dreamy vibes and I always dig into unique voices. It might sound strange, but I’m also influenced by Bieber, Troye Sivan and yeah, pop. I go for electronic music, r’n’b, trip hop. As long as the songs and artists got soul, feelings and an inner pulse in what they do.
You write and produce all your songs in a small studio in Copenhagen, how did that start?
I write my songs with my friend, Marco Twellman. He’s a producer-genius and well, the piano is always ready, the microphone is on and the synthesizer is plugged in, so it’s easy to get creative when we hit the studio.
Your new track Strangers is about letting go of the past and sounds very personal, does your music help you work through your own experiences?
I’m always inspired by people in my life and what happens around me. Strangers is about that sometimes, it’s better to leave the past behind and be a stranger to someone you once knew or to the things you’ve done. Listen to the words and give them your own meaning – that’s what I like to do when I listen to music.
Who is the first person you always play your songs to?
My very close friend, Carlo. He’s always totally honest, maybe too honest sometimes…
What are you excited about now?
The future!
The single Strangers is out now