Caturday with Molly Burch

Katie Rawsthorne

Evoking a blend of Dusty Springfield and old Hollywood era stars like Judy Garland, as well as the country vibes of Patsy Cline, Molly Burch sounds like somewhat of an enigma. The Los Angeles born singer talks to us this week about Austin, Texas, Jazz influences and conflict in her feelings.

First Flower, your most recent album is pivotal, your strength of voice and range is fabulous, how long did the album take from start to finish? Was it something that started a long time ago?
Thank you so much! I started writing the album last fall and pretty much finished it in a month or two. Dailey (my lead guitarist) and I recorded demos shortly after I finished writing and we recorded the album in January 2018. There is one song on the album called “Every Little Thing” that I wrote in 2013.
The lead single on the album, Wild, seems to grapple with lots of different feelings. How accurate is that to your everyday life? Do you often feel conflicted between your feelings?
Yeah! I feel conflicted all of the time. Don’t we all? Feelings are so confusing. Wild is about wanting to be free of anxiety and not giving others more power than you give yourself.
You studied Jazz Vocal Performance at the university of North Carolina, how important was that in terms of where you are now in your career?
It was very important for me because I got a lot of experience performing in front of others and helping me overcome stage fright.
Texas seems like such a romantic place to sit and write songs on a porch in the evening light, what is it really like now living in Austin?
Haha, aw this makes me homesick. Honestly yes! I love living in Austin. It’s a slow pace of living but there’s so much going on that I never get bored. And I do have a porch.
Compared to Los Angeles what are your favourite things about both of those cities?
My favourite things about LA are the weather, my family and delicatessens. My favourite things about Austin are the swimming spots, cicadas, Texas rain, my friends, and the manageable size of the city.
Your most recent video, for Candy, is shot entirely on super 8mm film which is quite the statement, how do you feel about the final outcome?
I love the final video. We had the best time filming it. It was directed by Noël Wells who is such a talent. It is my dream video.
And lastly, if we already know and love you, can you give us some suggestions of who else we should be listening to? Who are you currently listening to?
I’m listening to Cornelia Murr, Ariana Grande, Erin Rae, Mitski, and Kacey Musgraves.

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Molly Burch has just completed her EU tour and her new album First Flower is out now.