Caturday with Regina Demina

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April Wan
Damien Testu

We chatted to the incredibly gifted Regina Demina about her style, art and upcoming EP. Regina, an extraordinary artist whose talent knows no bounds – had the likes of Hedi Slimane initiate a collaboration for music in the FW21 runway show. Her art transcends boundaries, encompassing many mediums and themes that leave viewers in awe. Through careful digestion of Regina’s Instagram, it’s safe to say that she adorns the doll core aesthetic perfectly – she may have even been a pioneer for it. Through paintings, music and performance art – Regina’s artistic DNA can be seen through it all. 

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  1. April Wan: You see yourself as an all-round artist – from modelling, and songwriting to contemporary art, do you have a certain system to balance all your projects?
    Regina Demina: I think stay balanced by switching in-between several projects to deal with my hyperactivity.
    AW: I noticed that your personal aesthetic bleeds into your forms of art. Are you given complete freedom when creating?
    RD: If the project is led by myself, I have total freedom to explore and push aesthetics. If I’m acting or singing for somebody, sometimes I like to be driven completely by the world or aesthetics of other artists – and sometimes they’ll ask me to print my DNA on the projects we do together. 
    It’s pretty flexible I’m exploring a lot in my personal art. I’m not frustrated and like to meet other aesthetics in other films or performances. However, if I’m directing the project – I’m a maniac regarding the details of my aesthetic, especially when it’s linked with my music.

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AW: When it comes to creating music – where does it all start for you?
RD: A bit cliché, but so true for me. My music is linked with my emotions, more often my pain, love, or memories. It’s something linked with intimacy.
AW: How do you start your creative practice?
RD: I’ll do breathwork in bed! A matcha latte and some yoga. I’m a yoga cat!
AW: You performed the soundtrack of “UN DAYDREAM” for the Celine AW21 show. Could you tell us how this collaboration came about?
RD: Very easily, Heidi Sliman contact me because he likes my Instagram!
AW: Are there any exciting projects coming up soon for you?
RD: Yes! I just finished an Ep which will be released a couple months before the next album! I can’t wait! I began to test some of the songs during my live streams on Instagram to feel how the public reacts to them. I’m also playing in a great short film as the lead character: Les or games du vide, in collaboration between the director Quentin Helgoualch and Ircam (a national centre of research around music in France). I also just finished directing one myself, “Un vide en chacune de mes intuitions”, which will be screened next year during the next exhibition around Pier Paolo Pasolini in the National Museum Of Monaco.

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Maison Margiela dress, Calzedonia tights & Carel shoes

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