CHANEL – Celebrity By

A cultural icon in itself, CHANEL N°5 is a fragrance that doesn’t need an introduction: from the instantly recognisable bottle to the faces in its advertising campaigns, N°5 has epitomised classic glamour and celebrity with Marilyn Monroe famously saying that she wore “five drops of Chanel No. 5” and nothing else in bed.

To mark its 100th anniversary CHANEL is hosting an intimate, insightful conversation on the ever-evolving notion of celebrity. CELEBRITY BY, unites six prominent figures from the worlds of film, academia, media, and dance to discuss the notion of celebrity from their own perspective. Appearing in the film are celebrated actress and face of N°5 Marion Cotillard but alongside psychologist Laurie Santos, ballet dancer and choreographer Marie-Agnès Gillot, Chinese fashion media icon Hung Huang, former editor of Vanity Fair Graydon Carter and international dance star Lil Buck. The films showcase the different viewpoints of the speakers, influenced by their professional and cultural backgrounds as they reflect on the notion of celebrity and what it means to us today – fame as something lasting and the pinnacle of a lifetime of hard work or a fleeting moment of a viral social media clip.
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