CHANEL – The Iconic Handbag Campaign Starring Penélope Cruz & Brad Pitt

In the picturesque setting of Deauville, a story rich with heritage and style unfolds, embodying the timeless essence of Chanel where the brand presents its Iconic Handbag campaign. Inspired by the cinematic gem A Man and a Woman by Claude Lelouch, it marries the journey of emerging romance with the transformative allure of Chanel’s fashion legacy. Following Virginie Viard’s passion for cinematography, Chanel’s decision to cast Penélope Cruz and Brad Pitt breathes life into this homage, with their portrayals adding depth and nuance to the narrative’s core – an intense, mysterious love affair. Cruz, with her profound connection to both Chanel and Lelouch’s film, brings authenticity and passion to the campaign. Her insights into the film’s complex portrayal of love illuminate the campaign’s aim: to celebrate its enduring appeal and aesthetic through the lens of Chanel’s visionary fashion. Set against the historic and elegant backdrop of Deauville, Chanel not only pays tribute to a cinematic masterpiece but also reinforces its legacy as a beacon of fashion and romance.