Children of Covid

Bex Day

Children of Covid is the new series by British photographer and director Bex Day (b.1992). CoC examines the emotional and physical implications of COVID-19 on children between ages 4 and 13, whilst combining the practices of documentary and fashion photography. The photographs are accompanied by text, written by either the child or parent, detailing the way COVID-19 has altered the subject’s psyche. Together, the photograph and text work to depict an alternative reality forced upon the children by the pandemic. This new reality is raw, emotional, surreal, and most importantly, unexpected. Following her last series, Seesaw, Day decided to further transgress the bounds of documentary and fashion photography, moulding the means of each genre. Styled by Day herself and Adam Winder, and cast by Day herself, accompanied with hair by Tommy Taylor, the trio wanted to create a timeless series which merges surrealism with realism; aiming to depict moments of covid lockdown whilst merging it with staged locations which represent where the children imagined themselves while stuck inside. When paired with the text, the photos re-establish their role as documentation. Ultimately, Day uses these two genres in CoC to mimic the way COVID-19 strictly imposted a new reality, which would then become the new norm. Day has lectured about her work at institutions such as Cambridge University and The Hepworth Gallery, and has recently been shown in various major publications including Vogue Italia, AnOther, Dazed and Confused, Vice, i-D Magazine (UK/DE), and The British Journal of Photography.

Eliana and Eleora, 4

Frieda, 9

Willow, 6

Archibald Triplets, 9

Joshua, 9

Anthony, 11

COVID has been overall ok for Anthony. We would say the only downfall to it, is he has been spending a lot more of his time on the PlayStation, although it may be fun to Anthony, it can cause an affect to his social life. Before lockdown, Anthony had an active social life, although he still does, but his weekly football classes has been reduced and other activities he would of been doing these past few months.

Adil, 12

Charlie, 10

Teja, 10

Natasha, 12

Javanna, 9 and her sister Javaya, 2 days old

Hugh, 12

Welma, 9

Jake, 12

Louis, 10

It’s difficult living around Covid. Not allowed to see friends, can’t get out to play in the park, can’t eat inside restaurants/ cafes – things I used to do a lot are not possible. No more trampolining in a trampoline park. Generally less activities, people don’t hug, it’s more lonely – miss friends. People who usually work don’t have jobs at the moment. It’s boring, annoying and gets in the way. Lucky that no one I know got very sick from it, everyone had it and got better. It will be better when it has gone!

Cooper, 10

Covid 19 meant I couldn’t see my friends as much and the remote learning was harder but I still worked hard as I would have at school. The beginning of lockdown meant I spent more time at home with my family and dogs which I loved and I also spent more time outdoors as I wasn’t at school all day. I really missed the sports at school but we still made sure we did sporty activities at home with running, bike rides, walks and games in the garden.


Gabriel, 8

Amaiah, 7

Covid has been boring but I got to spend lots of time with my mum and grandparents and that was really nice. It helps that we live close to the park too! Spanish is my favourite lesson and I really miss learning in the actual classroom. My mum has been homeschooling me and I have been learning online. I feel like all the days melt into one another. I’m also feeling very relaxed but I miss my friends. I’m looking forward to going back to school to be with everyone again.

Georgia, 10

Darcy, 6

Casper and Louis, 13

Oyesanwo Triplets, 9

Photographer: Bex Day