Coachtopia – Lighter Bags, Brighter Futures With Ariana Greenblatt

April Ru Wan

This Barbie made her way into the new Coachtopia campaign! Ariana Greenblatt stuns while showcasing the Coachtopia Loop collection, a testament to the brand’s commitment to environmental consciousness, featuring an array of ultralight fashion pieces, all boasting a remarkable composition of at least 98% recycled PET plastic. This innovative collection not only stands out for its eco-friendly materials but also for its design philosophy, adhering to a monomaterial approach to ensure recyclability within Coachtopia’s own sustainable ecosystem.

Launching this month on the brand’s official website, the campaign heralds the arrival of the newest Coachtopia offerings. These products underscore the brand’s dedication to recycling, repurposing, and renewable materials, crafted to endure multiple lifecycles through well-defined reuse and recycling pathways.

Expressing her enthusiasm about the collaboration, Ariana highlighted the importance of supporting eco-conscious initiatives. “Joining forces with Coachtopia’s groundbreaking project is truly exciting. Their commitment to innovation and sustainability is leading the way in the fashion industry, and it’s an honor to be part of this transformative movement,” she stated.