Fashion Futures in Riyadh

Uma Termas

Last month saw the inaugural Fashion Futures conference take place in Riyadh, the first event of its kind to ever take place in Saudi Arabia – a platform designed to help develop the nascent fashion industry in Saudi Arabia and nurture new and emerging talents as well as showcase this unique and untapped aspect of Saudi culture to an international audience.

PUSS PUSS was invited to cover the two day event that featured talks and panel discussions with speakers and press from all over the world including model and activist Halima, fashion designer Iris Van Herpen, the legendary editor of Interview Magazine Bob Coacello and super stylist Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele among others.
Fashion Futures is one part of the unique cultural transformation that is taking place in the Kingdom at the moment. The initiative is seeking to develop the fashion and culture sector which is very new to Saudi Arabia and aims to develop an ecosystem of cultural institutions that support artists and cultural entrepreneurs.
Contrary to what many people in the West think, Riyadh has a burgeoning creative scene with local designers, concept stores and lots of young people full of ideas such as photographer Hayat Osamah who is self taught and has already been working with clients such as Farfetch, Off White and Diesel and represents the new face of young Saudis ready to speak to the rest of the world and share ideas. She is just one of many young people who will hopefully benefit from this new change and energy that seems to be in the air and felt by all the locals. With the majority of Saudi Arabia’s population under the age of 30, this is seems to be a very exciting time.