Georgia May Jagger – The Next Era

Marco Cella
Styled by:
Yana McKillop
Words by:
Isabelle Truman Remihana

Georgia May Jagger may have grown up with two famous parents and an instantly recognisable surname, but the British-American model has managed to navigate the industry without losing sight of what matters most: family, normalcy, and authenticity. As she enters her next era as a founder and CEO, Georgia talks about growing up in overalls, impossible beauty standards, and the lessons in ageing she learned from her Mum.

Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello top, skirt, earrings, necklace, scarf, belt, tights & shoes

Georgia May Jagger liked one of the Saint Laurent looks from her PUSS PUSS cover shoot so much that when it came time to choose what she wore to the brand’s Fall 2024 ready-to-wear show in February, she asked if she could borrow it again. “I was like, ‘Please, please, please can I wear this?’ I’m so happy they said yes.” When we speak, it’s mid-afternoon in Paris and Georgia is in a robe in her hotel room. The show is taking place in a few hours and she’s unaware the outfit she’ll soon be changing into for the second time is the one that made this magazine’s cover. 
Georgia’s mum, supermodel and actress Jerry Hall, did a Saint Laurent campaign recently and the mother-daughter pair have been attending the brand’s shows together for the past few seasons. “It’s been an amazing, really sweet bonding experience for us because we’ve both mainly been in fashion shows, rather than invited as guests. And we’d never gone to any together. So we’ve had the time of our lives.”
Jerry, complete with a wardrobe made of designer pieces from a lifetime of working in the industry, was Georgia’s introduction to fashion. She grew up outside of the city of London in the south-west town of Richmond and mostly wore overalls as a young girl. But she remembers one designer making a lasting mark. “I didn’t know much, but I knew Vivienne Westwood. I knew that was what I wanted to grow up to wear and buy.”
Georgia would watch her mum and older sister getting ready for nights out and felt frustrated about being too young to enter their grown-up, dress-up world. “It wasn’t even a designer thing. It was Vivienne Westwood. Other than that, I just wanted to shop at Topshop. I just loved the tartan and the bright colours and the pink leopard print. I mean, it’s basically a 14-year-old girl’s dream, isn’t it?”

Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello top, earrings, necklace, bracelets & scarf

Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello jacket, trousers, shoes, earrings, necklace, belt & gloves

Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello top, skirt, earrings, necklace, scarf, belt, tights and shoes

Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello bracelets & tights

Georgia’s childhood was as normal as could be in the suburbs with the instantly recognisable surname of her father, Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger. “I wasn’t raised in Hollywood. I wasn’t going to events. I knew my family was different because my dad was going to concerts and things like that. But I think I had a different experience to kids who grew up in the public eye the whole time.” 
Her family dynamic — split between Los Angeles, where she’s been living on the same road as her sister for the past few years, and London, where she’s soon moving back to because it’s better for business — is all she knows. But in today’s fame-obsessed world, where sta- tus and power are more curren- cy than currency itself, where people are scrambling to be no- ticed on TikTok and bad Netflix dating shows, it’s interesting to speak to someone who has had such an inside look at the mach- inations of fame and celebrity from the day they were born. The way that unique perspective shapes you into the person you want to be: what you value and what you don’t. “People would be surprised at the feeling of losing your anonymity and not being able to go anywhere with- out being recognised,” Geor- gia says, in reference to her parents. “Obviously, there are lots of upsides. But it has its downsides as well. I was aware of that from a very young age, so I always wanted to ensure I had a private life and had a normal life away from it all.” 
With her mother’s looks, a specific kind of rock band-adjacent style and intrigue inherited from her father, and a gap between her two front teeth that looks like it was a purposeful design decision from the gods, it’s only natural the fashion world would take note of Georgia from a young age. But initially, she was resistant. “I wanted to finish school and go to university. My dream was to be a photographer.”

Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello shirt, necklace & earrings

Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello jacket, trousers, earrings, necklace, belt & gloves

Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello shoes, bracelets & tights

Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello headpiece, dress, belt, tights, shoes, gloves & bracelets

Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello headpiece & necklace

When she began modelling at 16, it was the first time Georgia felt the full force of the public’s interest. “My parents are really down to Earth. They never sat me down and were like, ‘This is what’s going to happen’, I kind of had my own work that I went to and tried to be polite and be on time.” But even then, modelling was just modelling. “Yes, it meant proximity to the fashion industry. But it wasn’t anything to do with being a celebrity, which I feel now is more of a thing. It was just like, ‘Oh, I’m just gonna do work and fashion because it’s a job.’” It wasn’t even thought of as a long-term career prospect until the work kept coming. “I didn’t think it was really happening until it was really happening.” 
In 2023, Georgia announced the launch of a beauty brand, May Botanicals. The natural skincare line, which was in the works for five years, was born out of a passion for being able to provide others with the solutions she couldn’t find for herself: products created from an ethical place with sensitive skin in mind, that looked and felt as elevated and desirable as high-end options on the market. “I’d always been a bit of a rashy child, but when I was doing loads of fashion shows with makeup being applied constantly, my body reacted in this way where I got really bad eczema and psoriasis all over my body and partly on my face,” Georgia says. “I was finding a lot of products irritated me. And the ones that didn’t looked almost medicinal. They weren’t something you wanted in the same way you’d want perfume or a makeup product.”

Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello jacket, trousers, shoes, earrings, necklace, belt & gloves

Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello bracelet & glove

Though May Botanicals is the first business she’s started, Georgia has been working behind the scenes in the beauty industry for eight years, since she invested and became a co-owner of the London hair salon Bleach London. With May Botanicals, Georgia hadn’t thought through the marketing side, or the fact that it made sense for her to be the brand’s face. Or that being the face of a beauty brand means you’re often waking up first thing and documenting yourself, bare-faced and bleary-eyed, to show your morning skincare routine. “Sometimes I’m like, ‘Why did I do this? Why didn’t I do a makeup brand because I’m here, tired, washing my face on the internet,” Georgia says, laughing. “It’s a bit more exposure than what I’m used to, but there’s something quite nice about it as well.” 
You can barely talk about beauty without talking about anti-ageing, but Georgia doesn’t want May Botanicals to be marketed as a product that contributes in any way to the already impossible standards put on young women today. She’s been lucky in that she’s had her mum to look to when it comes to ageing naturally. At 67, Jerry has never had any work done. “She’s the most beautiful woman in the world, so she looks amazing.” But her mum’s influence doesn’t mean she’s swearing off surgery forever, or judging others who choose that route for themselves. “I’m also like, do whatever makes you feel happy. I’m not going to denounce all surgery because I might change my mind in the future. But I do think there’s too much pressure right now on very young girls to attain and look a certain way. How I think about it is just embracing yourself and whatever makes you feel the best without comparing yourself to others, or what you see online. And I think that’s challenging for all of us.” 

Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello dress, belt, earrings & gloves

Georgia May Jagger is wearing the Saint Lauren by
Anthony Vaccarello Summer 24 Collection
Photographer: Marco Cella
Stylist: Yana McKillop
Talent: Georgia May Jagger at Tess Management
Casting: Maria Joudina-Robinson
Makeup: Lauren Reynolds at Bryant Artists using MAY Botanicals
Hair: Nao Kawakami at The Wall Group using Leonor Greyl
Nails: Pebbles Aikens at The Wall Group using Byredo
Videographer: Mattias Pettersson
Photographer’s assistant: Federico Freda
Stylist’s assistant: Sofi Chetrar and Florence Thompson