Givenchy Antigona Celebrates its 10th Birthday

Cordelia Speed

As a celebration of the 10th anniversary of the iconic Antigona handbag, Givenchy have unveiled the newest member of the Antigona family – a supple, carefree sister, the Antigona Soft. This elegant bag explores the serene side of the Givenchy personality, whilst never straying from the sense of strength and authority inherent to the Antigona, inspired by the heroine of Greek mythology. A tension between feminine and masculine allure has always played an essential role in the timeless Givenchy aesthetic and the Antigona Soft plays with its own interpretation of this duality through a blend of sleekness with suppleness. An embodiment of a confident yet gentle embrace, the Antigona Soft replies to its elder sister with a more fluid, androgynous appeal and conveys a versatility ideal for the modern woman.