Gizzi’s Feline Feast

Gemma Lacey
Andrew Woffinden
Food Styling:
Iain Graham

She’s famous for accessorising her chef’s hat with the perfect cat’s eye, but outside of the kitchen Gizzi’s real love is her cat Kimchi. We sit down to chat Korean food, Aleister Crowley and of course what’s on the menu for the fussiest feline this year.

We hear you worked as body piercer before becoming a chef, how did you make that transition from your punk sensibilities to purveyor of fine food?

GE: Music is a big part of my style and I love that rock’n’roll and punk attitude. When I got into cooking I trained at Leith’s, but my approach is still informed by that. I’m a chef not a cook, my background is in restaurants and I like doing the boys stuff, that twee approach just isn’t me.

What would you say is your signature dish?

GE: I always find this so hard, I guess I am known for Korean fried chicken which I do at most of my events. If I’m cooking socially it’s quite simple, some kind of roast or braise. I write over 400 recipes a year and have to test them all, so as a whole I don’t have the opportunity to cook the same dish more than once.

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