Kitty Cash

We caught up with sassy Brooklyn DJ and producer Kitty Cash to talk creative collaboration, female momentum in music and keeping your curiosity alive. Check out the summer playlist she put together exclusively for PUSS PUSS, featuring tracks from the coolest cats in her collection.  

Where did the name Kitty Cash come from?
My name is Cachee and naturally my friends called me Cash. I felt like Cash alone didn’t capture the essence of my personality so we went out one day and brainstormed over some drinks until we came up with Kitty Cash. It was sexy, playful, sassy, and had a bit of attitude. Just like me!

What’s the greatest thing about working with your friends?
There is such a magical feeling when you can work with someone you believe in. We all want to see our friends be great, well I would hope so… so being apart of that journey through collaborating just makes it even more special and unforgettable.

You work a lot with acts like Chargaux and Kilo Kish. Would you say there’s a new momentum for female collaboration in music?
I think there is definitely a momentum with females in music overall. I have been meeting a lot of female producers and DJs as well and I think it’s a beautiful thing to see more of that.

Who are your favourite new acts and why?
Right now I am loving D.R.A.M., he has a million dollar smile and radiates with positive energy. I love his music and have been playing it for a while now. I have Towkio on repeat, I mean he can do no wrong in my book. A.Chal – have you listened to him? You will know why.

What has you excited at the moment?
Traveling and collaborating more with my friends and friends to be. I have been all over in the past two weeks and I want to keep that momentum going. I love  going somewhere new and discovering new music and artists.  My curiosity drives me and keeps me beyond excited to keep pushing and hustling. It doesn’t stop!

You’ve just released an awesome summer mix, what else should we be keeping an ear out for?
Definitely keep an ear out for a few more remixes, mixes, Love The Free III and some original production.