LA Stories – Carly Russ

Alexander Meininger

Beyond the well-known world of Hollywood’s movie factories, there is a incredible rich and diverse scene of young artists and creatives in Los Angels. They are pursuing their careers in California’s entertainment industry across a number of professions – in music, fashion and dancing. Coming from all parts of the world, they have chosen LA as the place to build their life and careers. Each of them is blessed with exceptional talent and has a fascinating story to tell. 

If you weren’t modelling, what career would you pursue?
If I was completely out of the creative field, I would do something along the lines of rescuing animals. I feel very passionate about that. Maybe have a farm where I take in homeless dogs and cats.
Have you got any role models in the industry? Or role models in general?
Debbie Harry is my ultimate role model. She’s unapologetically badass and beautiful.
What would be your dream photo shoot?
I’ve always wanted to shoot on location somewhere really tropical.
You dress in a very unique style, tell us more about it? Where do you take your inspiration from?
To be honest, I’ve never been someone who saves inspo photos for reference. I literally wear what makes me feel comfortable and what feels like ‘me’ as cheesy as that sounds. But it’s true! I can tell when something is off about my outfit and will change it until it feels normal. And once it is, I’m like, “OK, I can safely leave the house now”. I just like bright colours and pastels; pink mules, bright blue sweaters, mixing with animal prints always.
Tell us about the business you founded? How did you get the idea to start selling the clothes you are wearing?
I started sourcing and thrifting vintage more seriously back in Chicago but always had such a passion for it. I love the search for vintage designer pieces, the digging in dirty thrift stores. I love to shop for people on eBay and in stores. It’s just easy and fun for me. So I figured why not make a brand out of it. It’s been really fun to put my creative feel into everything I source.
Let’s talk about LA. Did you grow up here? If not, why did you move to LA?
I did not, i grew up in Chicago. LA has an energy that just mixes well with my personality. I love camping and hiking and being able to drive everywhere. Being close to nature and fresh air is really important for my mental health. I’ve got a good relationship with this city, it’s very special to me. Like my second home.
Which is your favourite neighbourhood in LA?
Mount Washington, where i live.
What is it that you like most about the LA life style and the people?
That everyone seeks a healthy lifestyle. That’s a mentality i grew up in thanks to my mom, so finding health conscious people and friends who like to camp and be outside, explore, that is the most attractive thing to me about the lifestyle here.
Where can you be found on a Saturday in LA?
If I’m not in the studio, I’m either finding a new trail to hike, or scouring a local flea market.
Do you have any tips for those visiting Los Angeles?
Yes! Don’t go to Hollywood. It’s cool to see once but I get bummed when people come here and want to see all the tourist stuff. California is not just Hollywood, it has SO much more to offer! Drive to the desert or go hiking in the woods. Find a waterfall you can jump in. It’s very magical if you spend time doing those things instead of rodeo drive.
Which other city/country would you love to visit and why?
I think Japan has really been on my radar lately. It just seems so special there. The food, the skincare products, everything! I also recently found out they don’t have foodbourne illnesses there. That’s appealing to me.
Let’s talk about favourites. What’s your favourite film?
My favourite film ever has got to be ‘Place Beyond the Pines’.
What’s your favourite music?
90’s rock, over everything.
Favourite books?
Night by Elie Weisel
Name your three essential items that you carry with you?
My phone, a current book I’m reading, my favourite lipstick.
What do you do in your free time?
Read, write in my journal, thrift.
What would you say has been the highlight of your career so far?
I think being able to shoot with Hedi Slimane featuring my prior band. That was kickass.
What goals have you got for 2019?
Writing more, continuing to create a brand out of my vintage, and just working on music every second I can.
If you could be a superhero for one day, who would you be and why?
Catwoman because she is hot and you don’t have to explain why you’re wearing a full catsuit.