Le Défilé – AMI AW21

“I don’t get out of bed for less than $10,000 a day!” – everyone remembers Linda Evangelista’s famous statement that summed up the supermodel era of the 90s, which is the period that inspired Le Défilé: a documentary-like feature that acts as presentation for the AMI Fall-Winter 21 collection. A tribute to the golden age of fashion shows, the brand recreates the aesthetics and dazzling atmosphere of that time that influenced AMI Founder and Creative Director Alexandre Mattiussi: “Every season, our shows tell a special story; this presentation is no exception. Its narrative pays a tribute to cinematography, a universe that has always inspired me and that I wanted to further explore. The Fall-Winter 21 collection is a very special one, a collection that deserved to be filmed so I could fully showcase its colours, joy and high energy. Through this digital presentation, I wanted to echo the fashion shows that I followed through my childhood, the period that would later have a huge influence in my decision to become a designer.” The new supermodels including Adut Akech, Mika Schneider, Blésnya Minher and Fernando Cabral star in Le Défilé, embodying the collection and showcasing the clothes that are also a nod to the 90s with oversized and well-defined silhouettes and a modern minimalism full of wardrobe staples.