Lernert & Sander for ​De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig

We spoke to Amsterdam based artist duo Lernert & Sander about their new kitty-tastic music video for the Dutch band De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig, titled Manon.

Please tell is about yourselves and your studio?
We are Lernert & Sander, friends and a visual artist and director duo from Amsterdam, operating in the fields of fashion, commercials and the arts.

Is this the first time you did a video with cats?
It is most certainly the first time we worked with cats but we would love to break into the world of cat films! We often operate in the fashion industry and we think a cat can own beauty so well.
Move over Cara.

What project was more challenging, this one or Blacker Sheep?
The Blacker Sheep was more challenging as a sheep is a less relaxed actor. The sheep was groomed by the Dutch champion in poodle grooming so most of the effort on the day was from her. It was a photo shoot of a few hours and the hilarious thing is that afterwards the sheep was released in a field and walked for a full day with the poodle look, as all the other sheep were being clipped a few days after the shoot. That scene, of a poodle sheep among its bewildered looking fellow sheep, is probably worth a movie on its own.

What inspired you to use cats for this particular project?
The song Manon is a tribute to a girl called Manon and the album of the band De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig is a tribute to women in general. We wanted to work with the most beautiful cats imaginable, as we related the out-of-this world kind of beauty of Manon to the strange beauty of a cat.

The set design is amazing, who created all the typography shaped cat furniture?
The song is about the love for Manon and the singer sings that he is even in love with the letters in her name. We designed 2,5 meter high cat scratch pole objects and those needed to be attractive for the actor cats. The amazing Aaron De Keyzer worked two weeks around the clock to create these rather ambitiously sized cat scratch poles.

Are you cat lovers?
Hello! But of course!