Loewe – Paula’s Ibiza Eclectic

Sofi Chetrar

Do you ever wonder what it was like living in Ibiza in the 70s? Surrounded by hippies, constant partying and sunshine – this was the spirit of Paula’s Boutique when it was launched by German architect Armin Heinemann in 1972. Soon it was renowned as an ‘international hub for the hippie lifestyle and its signature floral garments’, and later gave LOEWE’s creative director Jonathan Anderson an idea of reviving the once upon a time glorious store in the form of a capsule collection. Now you can relive those times in the form of scent – after successfully launching the Paula’s Ibiza collaboration and the namesake Eau de Toilette in 2020, we are presented with a new LOEWE Paula’s Ibiza fragrance called Eclectic. Shaped in an ombré-shaded cylindrical glass bottle, this scent is a mix of floral orange flower and night-blooming jasmine sambac. Designed by LOEWE’s creative director Jonathan Anderson and the house’s perfumier Nuria Cruelles the fragrance has a hint of gourmand notes of coconut and vanilla, underlined by rich ylang ylang, musk, and soft Australian sandalwood, it reflects its name and creates an absolute, yet animalic feel. The new olfactory expression of the Paula’s Ibiza ethos: feistier, jollier and decidedly eclectic, gave the photographer Gray Sorrenti an opportunity to capture that reminiscing feeling of constant partying. Shot inside and outside the iconic 60’s architecture Casa Broner, we are reminded of the hedonism and sensuality of that era.

Loewe Paula’s Ibiza Eclectic is available in selected stores around the world. Visit perfumesloewe.com and loewe.com to get yourself taken back in time.