Maga – Free, Curious & Weird

Hector Tre    
Andrea Ramil
Maga Abramoff
Who are you? How did you start in the art & fashion world? How long have you been in fashion?
Maga: My name is Magali Abramoff. I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina and I currently live in Barcelona. I was scouted there at the age of 14, on the streets of my home-place. Finally when I turned 19 I decided to join an agency and I started to enter the world of fashion.
I always felt inclined towards the world of art, especially cinema. Being the youngest daughter, with three much older brothers, as a child I used to put on plays, dress up and make them watch them. I’ve also felt an attraction to music that I can’t avoid. I’m always singing, even without realising it (my roomies love me). I have done singing and play some instruments, although I am more inhibited by playing and singing in front of an audience.
From that point I have done some amazing shows like Valentino, Koché, Paul & Joe in Paris, and the last one I did was for Margiela in London.
How does culture and your travels influence you as an artist?
Maga: I think it’s when you travel that you discover yourself the most. The world is a great school. I try to absorb as much as I can from all the places I go and the people I meet. I notice the different customs, food, clothes and I learn from different life experiences. It is beautiful and very inspiring. 
Describe yourself in 3 words
Maga: Free, curious and weird (or let’s say authentic). 

Givenchy total look

Agustina Ros earrings, Miu Miu shoes & Matilda Sundkler dress

Tatjana Haupt top

What are you currently studying?
Maga: I am currently studying an art degree in ceramics in Barcelona. I also study astrology and tarot. 
Talk a little about the creative process, materials, techniques or even what art is for you or what are your references in this world?
Maga: For me art is a unique and personal form of expression. The vehicle that helps us to connect with ourselves. The freest way to represent and channel emotions, words, thoughts, feelings in our unconscious. I use different creative processes depending on whether I am working or studying. When I make ceramics, I usually get a pretty clear idea in my mind of what I want to do and get down to work. In my work as a model, I analyze the references, the inspiration and what I want to aim for and put my stamp and my being on it.
What do you think is the most important thing in your life right now ?
Maga: Let them open the frontiers! hahahah. And to keep growing professionally and discovering new facets as an artist.
What do you think about the new changes that are taking place in the world in terms of identity. Liberation, gender, sizes, non-gender?
Maga: I believe that a necessary awakening is happening in terms of breaking old paradigms and structures that have been maintained for a long time and that are no longer valid. An awakening in terms of our identity. An awakening in terms of showing ourselves just as we are and without any concealment, no matter the race or gender, but the expression of our true inner self.
The fashion world is gradually joining this collective awakening and becoming more inclusive. Breaking with old trends and labels and no longer pigeonholing clothes to a certain gender and body stereotype. Let’s keep making noise.

Givenchy dress, Tatjana Haupt shoes & Agustina Ros earrings

Givenchy bag, Agustina Ros earrings

Tatjana Haupt top & skirt, Stylists own tights & Romabut shoes

Matilda Sundkler dress, Agustina Ros earrings & Miu Miu shoes

Agustina Ros rings

Agustina Ros ring, Jarmide top & Miu Miu skirt

Paco Rabanne top, Jarmide shorts, Agustina Ros rings & Rombaut shoes

Photography: Hector Tre 
Styling: Andrea Ramil
Hair & Makeup: Lola Martinez
Stylist Assistant: Carlota Puncernau
Model: Maga Abramoff @ Sight Management