Mansur Gavriel – Love Forward with Jari Jones

Modern luxury house Mansur Gavriel celebrates love through diversity, strength, and community with it’s latest brand campaign, ‘Love Forward’, launching today. Captured by a female-led crew including Ukranian twins, Tanya and Zhenya Posternak who shot and directed the campaign and featuring an inspirational cast of multidimensional creators, artists and activists, the campaign stars body positive, trans model and LGBTQ activist, Jari Jones, social media star and creator Parker Kit Hill, former model-muse to Alexander McQueen, Laura Morgan, Skate Kitchen founders Brenn & Jules Lorenzo, Austrailian-Japanese model Fernanda Ly and Dominican-American activist and model, Dilone.

“This campaign was very personal for Mansur Gavriel, and was a critical moment for us to collaborate with real changemakers to amplify new voices that speak to our community,” said Co-Founder Rachel Mansur. “This year has challenged us all, and we felt it was more important than ever to stay true to who we are as a brand, while continuing to act with purpose, push boundaries and shape the narrative for our future,” added Co-Founder Floriana Gavriel.

Here we spoke to one of the campaign stars, Jari Jones about fashion, self expression and what she will be saying goodbye to in 2020.

What does fashion mean to you?
JJ: Fashion for me provides the visual space to convey messages and action without speaking words! It’s an introduction and a window into my true self and allows me to connect with the right people and environments who find my fashion intriguing and engaging.
How do you use it as a form of self-expression?
JJ: In my self-expression, fashion acts as a peek into my diary! My fashion is most definitely dictated by my mood, how I’m feeling for the day and like myself expression and my mood and my outlook it changed and evolves quite frequently, but it will always be used as a tool to reveal to people who I am and where I’m headed.
Speaking of self-expression, 2020 has been quite a year – what has been your outlet?
JJ: My outlet has definitely been spending quality and intentional time with like-minded people and most definitely the people I love. This year has showed us that nothing is promise and everyday must be lived to its fullest. I’ve been painting with friends, writing music with loved ones , teaching myself different hobbies , all for the sake of why not, truly for me.
Where do you find your inspiration?
JJ: I find inspiration in everything; I especially find it in community. I live within one of the most vibrant communities to ever exist. From art work, to fashion, from music to story telling my queer community have been my well to pull from forever and like so many of us we pour it back and we feed off each and take care of each other.
If you could sum up 2020 in one word (or one sentence), what would it be?
JJ: If I could sum up 2020 in one sentence it would be a Jonathan Larson’s lyric “No day but today”
What is one thing that you’re saying goodbye to in 2020?
JJ: I think in 2020 I would like to say goodbye to anger. The amount of energy to hold on to anger is a full body drainage. It causes stress, it changes the body physically and only gives short lived satisfaction. I’m more interested in how we are healing and letting go of that heaviness.
What do you hope to communicate through this campaign? What does being part of this campaign mean to you?
JJ: I hope in this campaign we are able to see simple joy. No glitz, no heavy glam, no ridiculous distractions, just pure hearts. Being part of this shows a more reserved side of myself, something relaxed and just exciting.
What is your favorite accessory (handbag or footwear) from Mansur Gavriel and how does it complement your lifestyle?
JJ: I would definitely say the handbags!!! They are classy, they have fun shapes and the colors and material are extraordinary! I love the versatility, for a girl always on the run, I need a bag to fit any and every occasion without having to switch bags every day. Mansur Gavriel bags are truly pieces for any and where, multifunctional bags are a most for my lifestyle

The new campaign also features Parker Kit Hill, Fernanda Ly, Dilone, Laura Morgan and Brenn & Jules Lorenzo

Photography: Tanya and Zhenya Posternak 
Styling: Melissa Levy
Director of Photography: Jac Martinez
Makeup Artist: Rei Tajima
Hair Stylist: Ayumi Yamamoto
Models: Jari Jones, Parker Kit Hill, Laura Morgan, Brenn & Jules Lorenzo, Fernanda Ly & Dilone.