Marion Cotillard for Chanel No. 5

Gemma Lacey

Chanel’s fragrance campaigns are as iconic as their signature No. 5 scent and the latest one is no exception: starring Marion Cotillard and Jérémie Bélingard as they dance their way through a shimmering and surreal desert landscape evoking the heady magic and dreamy seductive wonder of the perfume.

As always the love story is front and centre, but this time with a new twist and told through a very modern lens by director Johan Renck and choreographer Ryan Heffington. As Heffington describes Renck’s vision: “What I loved about the brief for this particular N°5 ad campaign was that the hero was empowered and independent. It is such a proper message for this time. We discussed that playfulness and the connection should feel human over a typical romantic take on a relationship.”
By creating a world that celebrated the true essence of humanity and romantic love, Renck’s intention was to explore the more dreamy, liminal feelings around love. “I felt interested in expanding the dream and exploring new territories; thus leaving Earth. To let escapism define some aspects of love: to find a domain owned by only the two of you. That’s what love can feel like, right?”
Cotillard echoes his sentiment in discussing her character, describing her as someone who “lives fully in the present. And that is something that I aspire to do. The woman in the film lives in the moment – without nostalgia for the past or fantasies about the future. I try to follow a path of joy, positivity and freedom. I don’t know if I have gotten there yet, but I am working toward it.”
This intent is evident in all Chanel muses and a fitting role for Cotillard who Renck describes as representing “the very essence of N°5: playful sophistication and sensuality intertwined with a modern femininity. She represents the ability to perpetually renew herself; thus being mercurial, yet magnetic. And she represents integrity; possibly most of all!”