Caturday with Maya B

Katie Rawsthorne

This week we’re talking to the radiant L.A native, Maya B all about her studio rituals, her music being Bjork and Kendrick’s lovechild and always keeping herself on her toes in Los Angeles.

So you wrote and produced your recent single ‘Dollar To A Diamond’. Tell us more about the process and do you have any secrets, or tips?
‘Dollar To A Diamond’ was produced with my regular collaborator Soulshock and this new producer from Denmark, Hydrate. I don’t know about ‘secrets’ but one thing I do sometimes (which some find odd) is I scribble colors when I write in the studio. I’m a very visual person, it helps me create the vibe.
The single evokes themes of independence, ambition and strength, do you feel that to be accurate?
That is accurate. That’s the ending sentiment, but ‘Dollar to a Diamond’ is an outcry dressed up as a pop song. I wrote Dollar a month before I got signed. I was couch hopping and I was just genuinely sad & frustrated that I couldn’t take care of myself hence the line “just wait till I get some money”.
What does a day in the life of Maya B look like?
A day in my life would be waking to an annoying iPhone alarm. Then I turn on music and dance my way through the morning and into my outfit for the day. Then I usually have a session or a meeting. If I don’t then I probably spend my day tucked away painting or writing on piano.
Your individual sound often sounds influenced by a myriad of different genres, it might be hard to label it with one in particular, so how might you describe it yourself?
I would describe my sound as if Björk and Kendrick had a baby. Pretty keys, heavy drums.
You have been praised by big names in the industry, like DJ Khaled and Zane Lowe despite being relatively brand new, how have the past two years been for you?
The past two years have been amazing but a learning experience. I’ve learned so much about myself and about the industry. I’m so grateful to be around people who love and want to see my raw art. Of course being recognized by Zane Lowe and DJ Khaled will always be incredible to me but the highlight of this past year would be watching how the music has traveled.
You’re from L.A. which is a saturated environment in terms of creativity and creative individuals, how did you ensure and secure your own exposure that is clearly propelling your career?
Thank you. You know – to be honest, I don’t feel secured. I don’t know if I ever will feel that deep fulfilment when it comes to my art. I mean – I’m highly ambitious but creativity moves at its own pace. In LA everyone is talking and flexing, flexing and talking. The only way I feel like I can ensure and secure anything is by doing & staying on my toes – inspired.
Finally, do you have a favourite aspect of the creative process that a song goes through, from initial idea all the way to creating a music video?
The best part of the creative process has to be a tie between writing the records and coming up with the visuals for the song. I love setting a tone for the song in a photograph, it’s my favourite. Shoot day is always the best too, being on set is incredible. I love the togetherness.

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