Odeya Rush

Meg Young
April Ru Wan

You may recognise Odeya Rush as the uber cool popular girl, Jenna from the film Lady Bird – she grasped that role perfectly, with her mysterious glances and glossy brunette locks. More recently, she’s starred in Dangerous Waters, an action movie directed by John Barr where she found herself pushing her limits, in order to perform with the intense sea sickness she was suffering from. After speaking her manifestations into reality by working with Greta Gerwig, Odeya is ready for her own directorial debut. We’re excited to see girlhood through the eyes of Odeya! Check out the interview below to see her favourite fashion trends and why Adam Sandler is her fashion icon.

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April Wan: Last fall you starred in Dangerous Waters, an action movie directed by John Barr. The seasickness you experienced on set was so horrible that you had to take tablets in order to manage it while filming. How did you challenge your mentality to push through, especially during the action scenes where you felt unwell?
Odeya Rush: Wow, great question.. and I hope other people with sea sickness feel seen through me. Whoever you are, I see you and I know your pain. Honestly, I just knew the job had to get done and I couldn’t give up. It’s hard to be in a position where you know that so many crew members are counting on you. I couldn’t be weak in those moments, I had to keep going for my crew and for the project
AW: During your childhood years, you often put on plays in the family living room while forcing your brothers to join. It’s so beautiful when the hobbies we enjoyed as children manifests into our purpose. Did you always know you were going to be an actress from the start?
OR: Yeah I wish I could still dress my brothers up and force them to learn choreography in the basement but there came an age where they had to put their foot down, and I respect that. To answer your question though, yes I always wanted to act, direct, write. I was obsessed with movies growing up, I did theatre at school, it never crossed my mind to do anything else.. no matter how many times my grandma tried to sway me to become a doctor. But we all have a grandma like that I guess. 

Fendi jacket & shorts, Dior shoes & Rosark earrings

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AW: You’ve shared that watching Frances Ha helped you realise which type of storytelling you wanted to create. How was it working with Greta Gerwig in Lady Bird as an admirer of her work? Did it feel like a full circle moment?
OR: It was kind of surreal that I got to work with Greta so quickly after I became obsessed with her work. I did a press tour the year before we filmed Lady Bird and I stated in all the interviews that she’s my dream person to work with. It’s crazy how in just one year I got to be on the set of her first directorial. It just goes to show how powerful our words and thoughts are. She was incredible to work with, she ran her set very calmly and with so much love. It was inspiring not just as an actress but also as a director. 
AW: Some goals you’ve shared for 2024 is to direct your feature film and reach 1,000 points on chess.com. Have you been working on both?
OR: I’ve been working on both all the time. My elo on chess.com is not at 1,000 yet but I’m really close.  I would say my feature is just as close as my elo. I have my entire story I just need to make a few tweaks. Thank God we still have 6 more months left in the year!!

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Louis Vuitton dress & pumps, Wolford tights & Rosark earrings

Maison Margiela vest & coat, Givenchy pumps & Rosark Earrings

AW: The feature film you’re directing is going to be a coming of age story surrounding two best friends who are navigating their lives post-highschool together. This feels like something your audience can highly relate to. Can you share where you are in the process of this film? So exciting!
OR: To be super candid I’m now in the process where I’m sending out my draft to friends/creatives who I really trust. I’m at the point where I’m trying to collect as much feedback as I can so that I feel really good about sending it out into the world. 
AW: What was your favourite look from the shoot? Is fashion a space you want to explore more?
OR: I loved the big Balenciaga coat. I felt really dope in it. It’s also very freeing not to have to wear pants! And yes I’ve always been quite a tomboy when it comes to fashion. I love sneakers, I have a lot, and track suits. Adam Sandler is one of my fashion icons. 
AW: Do you have any exciting projects set to release for this year?
OR: I’m working on something right now that I can’t share yet but I feel very proud of :)))
Talent: Odeya Rush
Photographer: Meg Myfanwy Young
Stylist: Sharon Chitrit
Hair: Ashley Lynn Hall
Makeup: Pircilla Pae
Words: April Ru Wan