Party Playlist by Megan Louise

Gemma Lacey

This week we spoke with Italians Do It Better label boss Megan Louise about how to throw the ultimate New Years Eve party.

Building a party playlist is no mean feat – what are your tips for creating one?

I love music so much. Making playlists for parties, photo shoots, private events, & DJ nights is one of my favourite things to do. I like mixing genres & moods throughout the night. Ranging from an obscure 12 inch to a well known Madonna song. Don’t be shy & have fun with the songs you love. Try to have a larger arc in your playlist rather than just focusing on song to song or BPMs. Remembering that variety is key, know who you are playing music for. Take chances, there aren’t any rules. Good music is good music!
Do you have any all time favourite artists and if so, who are they and why do you love them?

The Mamas & The Papas, the first time I visited California I was 13 years old, singing ‘California Dreamin’ down the 1 from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Chris & Cosey are a favourite on the stereo right now, their sound is timeless & I love Cosey Fanni Tutti’s incredible style. The Velvet Underground are iconic to me, visually and sonically forever.
What do you think are the essential ingredients for a great holiday party?

Set a generous mood with a full bar, warm mood lighting & great music. Creating inviting corners where different conversations can spontaneously happen is very important. Inviting the right mix people is an art in itself. Having a lovely group of friends sprinkled with new strangers will have your party ending up in the living room until the sun comes up.
You’re from Montreal – what are some holiday traditions there that differ from the USA?

I have to say I took my white Christmas for granted! By this time of the year we would be buried six feet under white snow. My daughter has been fantasising about the snow now that we live in Los Angeles. We aren’t big on formal traditions, but we usually travel abroad for the holidays & just focus on being together. Last year we were in Tokyo & the previous holidays we spent in Hawaii. This year is our first time staying home & it’s been truly relaxing.
What is your best holiday memory?
I spent my childhood holidays at my grandparents, Meme & Pepe. They lived in the Eastern Townships of rural Quebec. After dinner, Pepe would pull out the accordion and he would sing for hours while we laid in the plush orange 70’s carpet. We ate After Eight chocolates until the boxes were empty & only the black wrappers were left.
What records are you most excited about right now?
‘Dear Tommy’ by Chromatics is coming soon & I could not be more proud & excited about sharing it with the world. There’s also a record of unreleased Glass Candy songs coming out in the next month or so that is pure bliss.
You have great style – tell us about your holiday look, what is it and why are you wearing it?
‘Cosmic Disco Lady’ is what I’m going for this holiday! It’s all about sequin dresses, my Dadybones cherry bomb earrings, loud eyeshadow  & my new YSL party boots!
Is there anyone who has always inspired you musically or stylistically?
Debby Harry, Francoise Hardy & Nico are huge inspirations for me. Musical grace & visual style from these women is endless.
What are you excited about and wishing for in 2019?
Very excited about Desire & Chromatics touring this spring & summer & wishing for a peaceful year with a little less chaos. I am so grateful to wake up every day inspired & motivated. I hope that people can continue to find inspiration & love this year.
Which artists should we be watching in 2019?
We are introducing a small army of new artists on Italians Do It Better this year. From Rome, Paris, Vancouver B.C., Rhode Island, Prague, New York City, Berlin, Houston, Norway & beyond. I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but we are very excited about them. In the meantime, keep an eye out for gorgeous new records from Heaven, Farah, In Mirrors & Twisted Wires.

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