Planet Pam

John William
Damien Fry

Pam Hogg is a one-woman walking fashion empire, fittingly crowned with a tangle of sulphur yellow hair. Fashion is a flaccid word for the tight and bright creations Pam has invented over her 30 years of catwalks, which have nothing to do with following trends and everything with leading a gang of loud and proud individuals towards something far more fizzy. “My work’s not regurgitated or obvious or looking to be liked, or part of something. It just is .”

In this online exclusive Pam shares her experience of being a cat mama:
“I used to hang with Nina Hagen in Paris and was dating her boyfriend’s best friend, he was half French, half Vietnamese. He appeared at my door one day in London with a tiny part Siamese, part Burmese kitten, no bigger than the hand he held her on. He was about to go on a month long pilgrimage with his mother to Vietnam, as his father had been killed by the Khmer Rouge. He said he didn’t want me to be lonely while he was gone. He’d smuggled her on the Paris flight under his hat, I immediately named her Precious and in no time she was on the prowl, the Queen of Kings Cross.
One day I noticed a bulge on her tiny belly. Kittens, I’d never had to deal with that before. Everyone just said ‘Let her do her own thing, leave a box out anywhere she can feel safe’. I placed lined boxes in all 5 rooms. She’d always crept in with me every night, and spooned. This one night she howled and screamed before snuggling up but unusually, she turned herself the opposite way round, her paws at my head.
Next minutes she was pushing. I placed my hands on her feet to give her something solid to push against and out popped a kitten. I couldn’t believe it, everyone had said she wouldn’t want anyone near, and now I was the midwife! She licked off the thin placenta coating then almost immediately started pushing again. Then there were two, then three. We were all still under the covers as I helped her clean them but it was the dead of winter and really cold. I had no clothes on and no idea how many more she’d have or how long it would take. It was such a sensitive moment but I carefully slipped on my dressing gown, scooped up Precious and her three kittens into a towel and carried them like a stork into the front room where there was a fire and a telephone. I was desperate to tell someone! I telephoned my sister who is number one cat lover, but I soon had to hang up to help deliver the fourth and fifth. I found homes for three and kept two. I named them Beauty and Beast.”

Read the full interview in Issue 3 of PUSS PUSS. Click here to buy.

All clothes and accessories by Pam Hogg 1986 – 2015.
Models: Elodie @ The Hive Management, Lydia & Genevieve @ Storm, Josh Quinton, Andy Bradin
Make Up: Maria Asadi using Krynolan of Charles Fox — Make up Assistant: Carly H Hart
Hair: Kim Roy at One Represents using Fudge — Nails: Tinu Bello at One Represents using Illamasque