Practice Makes Purrfect

Gemma Lacey
David Newby

He’s the king of cat pose, and is spearheading a wellness revolution via the magic of social media. We get schooled on yoga, wellness and bringing your cats into your practice with Insta yogi Patrick Beach. 

Spending your teen years shooting hoops may not seem the most typical route to becoming a yogi, but for Patrick Beach the two went hand in hand. “I was playing a lot of basketball and overtraining, so my body was really sore and I couldn’t sit on the ground. So my mom would make fun of me for it. She’d been practising yoga a really long time and taught me some simple hip stretches and I’d just do them in the kitchen, that was my humble beginning to practice.” Whilst sports push you to compete, Patrick found yoga was an opportunity to learn and grow in himself and also something which suited his nature. As he puts it, “I’m a very routine person. I do a lot of creative stuff, but I like repetitious habits, I guess you could call it addiction in some ways. I love movement, always have.”

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