Premiere: Fashion Bitch by Leaf

Steven Gomillion
Mickey Freeman

New York native rapper Leaf presents her take on female empowerment through the lens of “Fashion Bitch” her first independent single with SLANG off of aptly named upcoming EP slated to arrive this summer.

The visuals for the single depict Leaf’s unabashed confidence, progressive mindset, and proud connection to fashion with an ode to 80s and 90s á la Grace Jones and Donatella Versace, reimagined with the zeitgeist of Aaliyah’s “contemporary cool”. The overall style is a progressive nod to gender fluidity, celebrating the broadened spectrum of sexuality, and conveys the overall understanding of what it is to be a Fashion Bitch.

“I like to see girls in their most confident state. That’s the essence of a true Fashion Bitch, feeling good in your skin, walking with that strut we all know in New York. Your hair does not have to be done, your nails don’t have to be done. It’s the confidence you have within you that makes you a fashion bitch.”

Set for release in May 2020, Fashion Bitch is a follow-up to Leaf’s 2015 Fool’s Gold debut Magnet Bitch, and is the culmination of Leaf’s growth both personally and professionally. Fueled by the artists that came before her like Janet Jackson, Aaliyah, Lil’ Kim and Foxy Brown, Leaf crafts an infectious blend of R&B and rap on her new EP.

With their influence, Leaf wants to give listeners a perspective of what New York rap is like from a female standpoint, by creating a space for herself once again in the industry. As she echoes the swagger and confidence her debut project delivered, she also lets her emotions fly free.